Started With Xbox One--No Longer Have Console

I know various people have been talking about it, but all these posts are scattered in multiple threads.

I owned XBONE at launch, and purchased seasons 1 and 2 content on it. I no longer owned my Xbox One as I sold it quite some time ago, knowing it would be on the PC. I’ve checked instructions and they all refer me to first sync my XBONE to the servers :frowning: Is there really NO way to get my content without access to an XBONE??

Any help at all would be extremely appreciated, I’m hoping I just missed something here…

do you use to login to the right data? the same data you used on your old xbox?

Yes, I only had the one. Even if I did forget, the game at start up tells me I need to log into my XBONE to transfer my data----I assume it wouldn’t say that if I didn’t have data to transfer?

Just skip the transfer, its only for progress. Your content belongs to your live acc.

You NEED to sign into your Xbox LIVE account BEFORE starting the PC version of KI, if you want all of your data.

If you have sold your Xbox, then you must go to a friend’s xbox and sign into KI there at least once. That will upload all of your data to the Windows Store, and allow you to immediately link it to your PC.

Im not sure if this applies to Data, or DLC, or both, but if you want EVERYTHING back, thats how to do it.

It only applies to saves. All the actual content you own (the characters themselves, etc) will work on PC even if you don’t sync.

If you’re okay with losing your character progress, like levels and stuff, then you can just boot the PC version and go from there. It will wipe your Xbox save and make a new one, but you will keep all the stuff you bought with real money.

Wait, really??? I only care about the content, not the other junk. So tell the game yes, make a new file?


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If you don’t care that your Jago was level 37, then yeah, make a new file.

The fact that you own Jago will transfer over no matter what.

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I’ll load your profile on my Xbox if you like, no problem. I can send you before and after pics after I delete your account, just trying to help. PM if interested

Thanks for the offer! My nephew actually has an XBONE I just REALLY wanted to avoid having to hassle with that in the first place. Knowing I can get my characters is all I care about.

Thanks everyone!