Star Wars Battlefront

My body is READY!

(Hype internally)

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I’ll definitely be trying out the open beta this October. There’s been a lot of buzz (both positive and negative) surrounding the game, and I wanna get my hands on it to form my own opinion before I put any money down.
I heard they already confirmed split-screen co-op, so that’s a step in the right direction.

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Really? Awww yeaaa

What about lobbies?

I’m not sure about lobbies. I’ve heard online may be mostly based in matchmaking, but it could simply be rumors.
Fingers crossed for custom lobbies!

If it’s happening! I’ll invite you and other! :wink:

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I’m in it for some arcadey action but my gaming heart is going into Halo5 and R6: Siege.
… Like, it’s Star Wars sights and sounds and if not done poorly, it can’t help but be great.

Sound is the most important ingredient in a game… Star Wars inherently has the music and SFX’s and they’re engraved into most of our minds. It’s a nearly can’t lose situation.

Watching Lego Star Wars right now, the sounds make it all real!

May the Force be with you AND with us, always

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The Force is strong with this one

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Hey @KIFANATIC8488! Which you’ll join Jedi or Sith?


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The Rebels have lobbies, the Empire makes you stand outside in the cold.


I’m a huge star wars fan, but only a passing shooter enthusiast. I will get this, almost no matter what, but I honestly don’t know how much I will play it.

Really the main reason I’m wanting to get it is cause I used to pay the original 2 with my brother when they came out. I don’t play shooter games at all, but hopefully this is still fun to play anyway. Admittedly I’ll probably wait for a price drop of some kind lol

I choose to be a Jedi Knight, a Jedi Warrior. On the side of the Jedi too and overall as a Jedi

Jedi knight? Pfffft!

Come to the dark side… We have cookies…

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Thanks but no thanks. Appreciate the offer though :wink:

No thank? I’m your father!

Im mostly interested in the flying vehicles part of the game, so the beta doesn’t really interest me. But I’ll try it out, looks so damn good.

I hope they do a new star wars flight sim like x-wing (93), tie fighter (94) and the x-wing vs tie fighter (97) soon. With a lot of single player content. This only multiplayer thing annoy the ■■■■ out of me.

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Well, it seems good, but I’ll have to try the beta. I’ve played all of them, including the PSP ones. So I’ll see.

LOL!!! I won the Star Wars costume contest at the Battle front Game Stop release!!! I beat out Darth Vader!

50$ gift card! I left with Bloodborne, Assassins Creed Syndicate and SW Battle Front… I have way too many games to play right now!!!