I’d love to call attention to the beauty of the stages.
I recently edited the display options and without the HUD visible, so,e stages look so amazing, Hisako, Kan-Ra, etc

Kudos to whomever designed the stages.
I really hope they have a great new stage planned for Kim, and in the future I hope they are considering secondary stages based on the original levels (such as a lower level stage of Orchid Rebel Outpost, where in her flat screens you can see surveillance video of the cars moving on the street below, I’d LOVE an alternate street stage for that), or inside of Maya’s temple on the left that is shown in her Story mode when encountering Cinder.

Hope they expand the stages vertically so the ultimates work and also air combos.

Am also curious to see which stage they choose to do for Battletoads. Feeling it’s going to be the turbo tunnel stage but hope it’s one with the giant ship is visible.

Killer Instinct really is an underrated game and isnt getting enough exposure due to its exclusivity (hopefully PC port will help). The music is awesome, the character design and diversity is astonishong, level design is great, I could go on forever!

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I hope they bring back Stonehenge for Tusk and make it a little similar to Thunder’s. With a campfire in the centre as the only light source in a completely pitch-black country side, as the fight progresses a storm begins to develop and the flashes of lightning illuminate the land for a breath second, showing creatures stalking the campfire.

Basically a stage that focuses completely on atmosphere, and dwell into the ‘Survivor/hunter’ Tusk that IG have mentioned if my memory serves me right.

Great insight and thoughts guys!
I hope they get to making a stage ultra for Orchid and Maya stages as well.

I still want to see the kracken come out the sea grab a person and rip them apart. Sadira’s spider grab a person wrap them up and suck them dry to bony corpse. Someone get knock on Sabrewulf’s operating table and they get electrocuted with arms being jammed into their body. That giant tornado on thunder’s stage sucking a person up and it shows them being tossed around violently and the screen zooms in on the person and shows their skin been peeled off


Maybe just thrown into the background far away using the Kan Ra stage ultra animation

I would like to see some retro stages, it would be great to have that as some sort of option, some how… fingers crossed!!

That’s also good I’d love to see the original stages re created or have them available as the ones are fro the training stage with the music g loved jagos bridge in ki2 and Maya’s jungle in ki2, and fulgores ki2 stage

What about an infinite stage? One with no walls. It can def change the meta of the game and MUs too since some characters do better/worse while pinned against the wall or pinning someone between them and the wall. If you do lots of wall splat enders, you’re forced to change up your style.

I think this is an interesting idea. Certainly you could use Tusk’s Stonehenge stage as an infinite by making it a circle around the stones. The pro/con of doing this is that if you start messing with stage size then it really will affect the matchup so you will have to address that especially in tournament play (ie who gets to pick the stage). The other issue is that once you have an infinite stage, the “get a lead and then run away” strategy becomes a thing and characters like Riptor who can actually run will use this for sure.

I really like this idea, but it seems unlikely. KI is already bucking the trend by having one stage per character, and the stages are expensive to make. The only possibility is if we start seeing characters whose story relates to the existing characters in such a way as to make it make sense. Like if Orchid gets a partner then he/she could have a stage built on or around Orchids stage etc.

I’m not sur how that affects characters like sadira and hisako tho

I just hope that Rash has something that is as unique, with as much personality as he does.

Yeah, I definitely enjoy the stages in this game. Jago, Thunder, Orchid, Spinal, TJ Combo, Maya, Hisako… So many many amazing stages in this game and they all do a fantastic job of matching the characters, creating a wonderful amount of variety in the color palette, the action going on in the background, etc.

When I look at Kan Ra’s stage, to me, that fits him perfectly. That could never be Maya’s stage or Aganos’ stage or Spinal’s stage. Each one just exudes a level of quality that I notice and respect almost every time I play. So many little details, things going on, things changing and evolving along with the match, and when you couple this with the music, that also changes with the match… It’s just such a wonderful audio/visual experience to behold as you play.

I have complete faith that they’ll do right by Kim Wu, Tusk, Gargos etc.

For Kim Wu, I’m hoping for an ornate, green and golden outer shrine set in front of snow-capped mountains during a gorgeous sun set, which fades from ornange and pink in to purple and to darkness as the match continues; the snow thundering down the sides of mountains in avalanches as the fight evolves.

As for Tusk, I’m really curious what they’re going to do with him. My guess is that he’s some sort of hunter, a kind of survivalist, but with elite combat skills. I could see his level being set at the edge of some hills in the English or Scottish countryside, a large, dilapidated castle in the background far to the right, and the cliffs edge leading down to crashing waves visible on the opposite side on the left and slightly behind the cliff where you’re at.

An intricate, stone pathway with carvings etched in to it would be what you fight on and large stone fragments jutting out of the ground in the middle with intricate carvings on them as well, with a large fire glowing and crackling between the fighters; embers floating all over the place.

Thick clouds would roll through the sky while lightning strikes the ground repeatedly as the wind howls within the music and the match continues. BTW, I’d start the music off with bagpipes. The knock off would see lighting strike a large portion of the cliff off to the left, the stone exploding as the player falls down in to the water, followed shortly thereafter by a bunch of rocks, and one large rock the splashes with a large explosion of water.

As for Gargos, his background needs to be extremely dark and gothic. Won’t say much more because I just realized that this post is already extremely long. My bad! :relaxed:


That rainy sky temple stage in MKX is so b adass. I can see the awesome tusk stage as well, maybe they’ll make and to his KI 2 stage and have a stage ultra where the loser falls in a dark well hole

Isnt there a stage like this in KI1? The Shrine temple
coool idea

lol lets be honest here, there is no way they would allow any violence like that. Hell even people on here get up in arms when gore comes up. I wish the game would be darker and more ominous like the original but it aint happening.

I Will always keep the Faith playa! :angel:

I absolutely agree with you on the beautiful and detailed as well as intricate and fanciful designs of each of the KI characters’ stages in Killer Instinct :sunglasses: