Stages for a hypothetical new KI

There has always been this discussion about characters and who should return. This always gets shafted in terms of stages though. Which ones would you like to return and any new ones. Personally, I want the bridge on Jago’s stage in a distance with the old stage still present as the background.


I’d want for Orchid to get a night-time rooftop stage again, with a city skyline in the background, like her KI1 stage.


My biggest wish for a future stage would be Mira’s stage concept that @TempusChaoti shared with us a long while back. The layer of The Coven, a subterranean cavern with great stone architecture combing a variety of cultures. Set it in a massive cave with underground rivers carving through the rock to make a massive backdrop right out of something like The Profaned Capital or Moria. A huge entrance with dusk lit skies looming in the background, snow from the harsh Siberian sky blowing in, with the sun slowly setting through the fight and swarms of bats taking to the sky during an Ultra.

Also a throwback to Tusk’s old Stonehenge stage would be sweet

Gimme a nice desert stage, too.


We got a lot of fantastic re-imagining of classic stages in KI3 but as far as straight up remade classic stages I’d love to see

Jago’s Tiger Lair KI1
Orchids rooftop KI1
Cinders rooftop KI1
Sabrewulfs mansion KI1
Jagos Bridge KI2
Spinal’s ship KI2

Orchid helipad ki2
KIM Wu dojo ki2

I literally just want one that takes place in the streets of a city, with night, day, and evening variations.

I would like there to be more stage Ultras… maybe even on every stage.

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It’d be awesome if they took the stages from KI1&2 and revamped them with their own twist to them. They’d technically be new stages since the two universes aren’t connected to each other.

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I just want a training stage more or less identical to the training mode stage
Nothing crazy going on in the background, just a nice clean space to fight.

I don’t know about on every stage…IIRC one of the 3d MK games did that with even multiple death ring-out death traps per stage. With all of them having a stage ultra, the idea would become less interesting IMHO. One of those “if everything is special, nothing is” scenarios.

But yeah, more or at least more interesting stage Ultras would be great.

An idea for Riptors stage would be an overgrown lab where the stalker units were produced. There is a nest in the stage with Riptor’s eggs and once an ultra is performed the eggs hatch revealing little baby Riptors.

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