Stage ultras being tied to Ender Levels

I spent time watching the stage ultras in KI and my first thought was that "some of these were just terrible 3-4 hit combos (Season 1, Aganos), while others were much more better (example could be, say, Maya or Hisako, both of which looked like tons of work was put into them). My suggestion would be to tie the stage ultra hits to the ender level. You could, say, put those 3-4 hit combos into a level 1 stage ultra, and as more ender levels are gained, the number of hits (or a much better looking stage ultra) would increase. Level 2 would probably be on a Cinder/Omen/Riptor type of ultra with multiple repeated hits (similar to KI2’s ultras) Level 3 could be a more nicer, almost flashy type of ultra (say, Maya and Hisako), and level 4 could be overkill (not to the extent of double/triple/hisako-infinite ultras but something similar to it).

I’d say its a better way to make sure that the stage ultras don’t look like that 2-3 people are favoured while 8-10 others look like trash.

An interesting idea. When I read the thread title, I picture it could be tied to FX or something.
Example, level 1 TJ stage, hits the sign, 2 hits a nearby building, 3 sends them into the back ground, and 4 sends them to orbit.

I know it would be a lot of work for not a lot of gain, but I like the idea.

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I think people enjoy the stage ultras more for the cinematic payoff than they do the actual combo count, and on top of that, it’s far shorter than the actual ultra combos within the game. The brevity of the stage ultras I think works more within their favor than does tying them to long combos. Usually, if I want the Stage Ultra, I go for it, and I’m none too concerned with the number of hits in the combo. I don’t really like adding minutes on to the end of the match just for a long combo. The only exception generally comes from guys who like to excessively taunt or teabag, then I rain justice on them.

That’s why I was thinking of the visual side of things. Even more insane goodies.

I’m thinking this may not work currently because once it starts up it actually goes into a cinematic mode before the first hits of the combo begin. Like on Kan-ra’s stage… the portal , book and pillars all activate first…then the stage ultra combo begins seconds afterward.
I’m sure they could re-wrtie the code to make it different, but I doubt they are going to do that honestly.

But I love the idea!

I totally missed your earlier post, I will say I find the idea worth examining a little more. However, Seraphs does have a point to as far as it’s more programming work, cinematics, and other alterations eating up time and effort that might be more worthwhile put toward character development. There are ups and downs to the idea, but discussing it usually brings some pretty good ideas to the table.

@IronFlame @FallofSeraphs76
I had a feeling that programing issues would render a lot of this moot, but it’s still fun to come up with ideas.
I think that, as usual, stuff like this should be significantly lower on the totem pole than things like new chaeacters/stages.

Fwufikins’ idea is probably something I can definitely see working as well, tbh. Like the idea!

For ARIA’s stage, maybe it could have a bigger explosion for each level (level 1 being none to level 4 being ultra-massive). I’d definitely be fine with visuals. :slight_smile:

While I think it just adds more complexity to program I suppose I wouldn’t mind.

I think that’s a good idea. But maybe it would be even better if it was the “Ultimate” combo system rather than the “ultra stage” one.

Hmmm…that’s an interesting idea. It’s short and mostly flashy like people have been wanting Ultimates to be, and they aren’t exactly long enough to justify calling them Ultra Combos. Maybe Stage Ultras should be revised as “Stage Ultimates” that are universal across all characters, at least for when they’re used raw (I’m sure it’d be reasonable to still call it an ultra combo after a recapture or instinct cancel)