Stage Ultra?

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Just wondering… Why does the anouncer yells “Stage Ultra” when you do one ?

An Ultra is - since KI 1 - a ton of combo ending a match, where there is only a few in stage ultra.
Why didn’t you call that “Ultimate Combo” instead ?It’s much closer (a combo which lead to the opponent death, seem logic)

Plus, I’d be so fun to hear “Ultimate Combo”

Yes, I do think the anouncer yelling “Stage Ultra” is rather silly. lol

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Plus the way the announcer says it is weird.

In the older Killer Instinct games, Ultimates (Combos followed immediately by a No Mercy) and Stage Knock Offs were two different things. That still applies to Killer Instinct Season 3 but Shadow Jago is the only one that has an Ultimate Combo in the game.