Stage select screen

Will the stage select screen be changed in similar fashion as the character select screen?

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I don’t know…

Perhaps. We just have to take a wait-and-see approach on that for the time being

They said a while ago that it would have to change because of the growing number of backgrounds. Probably look similar to the character select screen


I think that a new select screen will be needed because of the increasing character number, and I’m hoping that’ll tie in with a new stage select as well.

Perhaps the new select screen has a bottom third of the screen taken up by the character boxes, while the upper two thirds are taken up by the full character graphic, accessory menu, etc.

Once people have selected their characters, outfits and what not, I’d prefer if they just stay on that screen, only have the characters and character boxes drop out and get replaced by stages (and have them appear in the same order, so if Jago’s the first character in the top row, left box, then the Tigers Lair would be in the top row, left box when the stage select boxes appear). Then have the stage highlighted appear in the upper two thirds.