Stage Ideas

I’m putting this here and not in game feedback because I’m sure IG is at the point in development and planning with regard to stages that they’re going to do what they’re going to do. This is more of a fun, brainstorming thread.

So as I’ve made it clear, I care about gameplay over bells and whistles. This isn’t to say I don’t like stages, graphics, UI, etc, but if I have to choose between new characters and mechanics or stages/colors/accessories/music/whatever, I’m picking the former.

Because of this, I started wondering “what could make a stage have a fun, yet simple, mechanic?” Not necessarily like, say interactables in NRS games, but something more subtle. For instance, what if we had a map with no corners? Think of something like the Astral plane stage, it has a steady, unbroken floor and a relatively ambiguous background. As you approach the “edge” of the stage, it subtly loops back around without any visual breaking or tearing of the backdrop and effectively removes cornering from the game on that stage. Or perhaps multi-tiered stage. Nothing too elaborate but something suspended, a la Battlefield in Smash, that someone could hop up to and rain down fire from above while being susceptible to attacks from below

Obviously, these would be more fun-oriented things and likely not tournament legal. But what other weird, stage-centric mechanics could be implemented to make the stages more dynamic and less glorified wallpaper?

And again, see the first paragraph that this is not honest advocating for the current game. Just a fun bit of ideas.

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Upside down gothic castle stage. Literally fighting on the ceiling, bats everywhere :slight_smile:

Gargos, add a super nova into black hole in the background movement of astral plane

Eyedol, time stage where you are in an earlier part of the stage flash (subtly) into future part of the stage, (ala Titanfall 2 campaign) stage finisher(regular ultra i mean) the two times meet in the middle to see what happened. The event could be a village that eyedol ransacked.


Basically the foreground of the infamous cart stage, with the carts zooming by in the background. Some crash. The other toads cameo, and break fourth wall by waving at the camera and trolling and cheering on the fight.


Wasn’t exactly going for character things but the time changing stage sounds interesting.