Stage Customization

Weather: snow/rain/sun/wind
Time: dawn/noon/sunset/midnight

I think those are some easy options that can be added that add more customness and they are not heavy to be loaded.

That wouldn’t be easy to implement in the slightest.


I don’t think that it is that dificult. I mean its a dinamic weather plug in and a sun position option. Anyway, I would like the stages to have more randomness in their appearance and not to be solid. I think that they would feel fresh anytime.

Not easy to implement in the slightest. New skyboxes for every stage, new relighting needed for each time of day and weather per stage, additional particle effects required for each weather conditions, as well as other polish needed to make it all look natural.

At that point we could get a sizable amount of new stages with the same resources and that would have more payoff.


Well, i thought all these elements are inside a weather plugin. Anyway,3 standard alternatives for all stages wouldn’t be that difficult nor expensive.

And who do you think makes those “weather plugins?”

You clearly don’t know how game design works :expressionless:


Difficult, no. time consuming, expensive, and with no monetary payoff, yes. creating one alternative weather condition or time of day change would take about a month. It’s not a simple process of plugging in weather or clicking a checkbox of rain = yes.

Each weather effect has to be hand crafted to fit into the level properly. We can’t just copy-paste the rain from Devil’s Landing or the snow from Crash Site and put them in another level.

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Likely more. I’d give it 3 months.

I’d say at least a month for a more simple change like time of day for an existing stage. However anything more would kick up the time needed by a lot.

I think companies buy those plugins.

If, for example, you remove the sun from orchid stage, put a moon and stars, fix the character reflections and low the brightness. Wouldn’t that make a night stage?

The stage constantly changes dynamically throughout the match as well as sometimes in response to charecter action. These elements would have to be either all Redone or changed in some way to reflect the weather change. New shadows, new interactions(when the giant centipede moved in maya stage rain or snow absolutely should not phase through it like its not there) have to be made to accommodate it.

Stage shadows follow stage light, it is not that big. Character shadows are already wrong after new lighting (in previous seasons there was a strong front light that now is missing, but its shadows are still there). Elements that do not fit could be removed.

If stage shadow followed stage light then that front light you mentioned wouldn’t still have that shadow, it would automatically be fixed?

And the fact that it hasn’t been fixed imply that it’s a harder thing to simply change?

Only characters follow different light. They are different layer.

Also keep in mind, as they mentioned during the relighting of S3, every character needs to be lit individually for every stage. It’s not a mass lighting effect that’s automatically applied to all characters. Even just having 2 mods (night/day) would be a TON of extra work across 26 characters and however many stages we have at this point.


Only on Arbiter’s stage. All other stages need to be made from scratch. I assume so, anyway.

I’d be happy with a day/night cycle that changes out randomly, like some other games have. No need for customization.

Some of the ultra dynamic stage destruction elements would be altered, naming them redo all stages yet again.

Maya’s Dawn stage and Thunder’s stage get darker and have realistic storm elements, Hisako stage has ultra weather manipulation etc-

I’d love to see this but I doubt they’d have the time to do it before a new ki is due in3 years

Dynamic Weather seems interesting at first, but think about the framerate issues it could cause making 60fps drop into the mid 40s and possibly even lower if the effects are CPU/GPU intensive. The game’s code might have to be entirely reconstructed to handle such a task and compromises might have to be made for the XB1 version for crossplay to be retained and fully function. The same thing goes for Day/Night transitions; the lighting engine around the character models will have to be reconstructed for each variant of a stage in question…basically a brand new game. nice thought, even on paper, but too expensive unless MS want’s to empty their wallet into cosmetic development for the game.