Spiderman In Civil War



Guess I’m Team Iron Man

To be honest, I’ve been team Iron Man from the start, even tho this is Cap’s own movie lol

Black Panther & Spiderman 100% on board

Really like what they did with his eyes!

I’m a bit unsure of this one. I’m not a picky comic book fan who is going to complain about all the difference between the comic plot line (which is not much like this…). But the good part about Captain America 2 was that it was smaller in scope and more intimate and character focused. This really looks like “Captain America 3/The Avengers 2.5”

Still could be good and I think Spider Man looks okay (although one more reboot of this character is going to pretty well kill the franchise).


I knew about this for a while actually. He was gonna be in it since they bought the rights to use him in their movies.

#TeamIronMan from the start

We’ve known Spidey was gonna be in it from the start of filming, and I’m a fan of the suit. It’s the most accurate thing we’ve had to the comics yet.

I like this a lot. Seeing spider man involved with the MCU build so much potential for future plots in movies for phase 4 (I think that’s a thing now).