"Spider-Man: No Way Home" Trailer

I have to say, this looks pretty cool. 2:38 brought a huge smile to my face. It’s so cool seeing him back as that character.


Right? I caught myself grinning like an idiot through the second half of the teaser. I really like where they’re going with this. It’s also great they’ve played with the Peter/Strange pair. I just really hope the movie doesn’t let us down.

Same here.

I have not been a big fan of the MCU Spider-Man, mostly because he doesn’t feel like Spider-Man at all.

Having said that, this trailer was pretty good.

We also saw a Pumpkin Bomb…

Understandable. Some of the changes to Flash, MJ etc are kind of annoying, but I think it’s alright as far as Spider-Man adaptations are concerned.

I saw that as well, which makes me wonder if Willem Dafoe will be reprising the role and if he’ll be in a different costume/look. I know that in the first movie his original look was going to be something like this:


This was the version we got.

I know that GG looked like this in the comics:
but, imo I think the 2002 movie version was better since it kind of made sense with it being a stylized flight suit and helmet/mask rather than actual green skin, ears, purple cap and chainmail. If GG were an actual creature, I could kind of see the reasoning for the green skin, yellow eyes and ears. If he were an actual supernatural goblin the inclusion of those archaic elements such as the chainmail would make sense, but it seems like an odd disconnect with the more technologically advanced hoverboard that he usually flies on imo.
I actually thought this was a pretty good redesign for Hobgoblin (I know he’s not the same as Green Goblin, but in one of the animated series Osborn became the Hobgoblin):

It wasn’t the changes to Flash and such that really bothered me, it was Peter/Spider-Man himself. In brief, teenage Spider-Man has always been a “loser” who couldn’t get a date to save his life, who had no friends and whom everybody made fun of. He learned the hard way the famous “Great Power” line through the death of his uncle, and as Spider-Man, he often struggled and had to learn from his mistakes. He had to take responsibility for his actions.

In the MCU, the girls chase him, everyone wants him to be around, and he gets bailed out of situations and never properly learns about responsibility. This was absolutely the case in “Homecoming,” “Far from Home” did improve things.

I never watched the Garfield Spider-Man films, but I heard negative things. Raimi though, despite his flaws, did nail the feel of the characters to their comic counter parts quite well.

I know a lot of people did not like how Green Goblin looked in the 2002 film, but I thought he looked great and quite practical for the universe.

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To a certain extent I see what you mean.

I can’t say much about the second Garfield Spider-Man since I never saw it, but the first one was actually pretty good. Granted, it retread a lot of aspects of the 2002 Spider-Man movie with the origin story, but that said, it does some things pretty well. Plus it features the Lizard, one of my favorite Spider-Man characters (although the design is pretty basic and bland as far as Lizard designs go).

Same here. With this new film, it makes me wonder if that look will return or if he’s going to have the green skin. If the latter, I think an interesting way of explaining it would be that Osborn used Skrull genes or something since they have the green skin and pointy ears.

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Did they bring back the guy who plaid doc oct in Spider-Man 2?

Indeed they have, along with the actors for Electro and Green Goblin. I also see the Lizard is in the trailer as well (even though I dislike the design in the Andrew Garfield movie, I have to admit it’s cool seeing the character, just because the Lizard has always been my favorite Spider-Man villain along with Venom).

The lizard is one of my favorite marvel villains (as well as Blackheart) and its still nice to see him. I guess this the closist thing to a sinister 6 but its probably more.

We have
The Lizard
The Green Goblin
The sandman

So thats 5, wheres the sixth.


Perhaps Venom?

Even Venom wouldn’t have the standards to join the sinister 6. He can be a monster but bad guys should fear him more than heroes.

Sense Venom is an anti-hero.


The Lethal Protector.

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True, but he does have deep ties to Spider-Man. I mean, granted, this is a different continuity from either the comics or the cartoons, but from the after-credits of Venom licking the screen when it saw Peter Parker, it’s apparent that it somehow knows of Peter, or wants something from him.

well yeah he will go after spider man but thats because he thinks spidey is the bad guy