Speculation: KI on PC won't have mods

I guess you can say this is just speculation, but word on the street is that games coming to Windows 10 aren’t your run of the mill executable file. They are locked down pretty tight…so looks like KI will be in that same boat.

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Yeah, someone else mentioned this in another thread:

I think it’s kinda a shame. Alot of modders can make some pretty awesome skins. Of course, there’s also the pervs who just want to drool and fap over nude mods, but they only take up a portion of the modders, so hopefully they aren’t the reason Microsoft has made this decision…


To early to tell. Big news tomorrow though

I didn’t think it would. And we were never promised any such thing.
I more worried about some PC techno-fetishist putting viruses on my XB1 because they couldn’t beat me.

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Pretty sure Adam confirmed this on his interview with LCD.

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Turns out I can edit titles. Much better.

Also, I’m starting to really dig The Know.

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Phil Spencer has been quoted to be working on the issues with the Windows Store, and on the 25th of Feb. they had a press event with info regarding Windows 10.

So it’s possible they could have announced something regarding people’s issues with the Store, and the embargo on that event’s info is lifting tomorrow at 6 am PST.

I dont care for mods, i will finally play the game :slight_smile:


I’ve never really been a fan of having to have more than 1 or two game librarys I have to deal with. First it was Steam which I’m sure is the most popular platform everyone uses and then came Orgin, Uplay, Xbox Store and many more. It just becomes a hassle to have to deal with all these different services. Something about just being able to boot up Steam and seeing all my games there and ready to go whenever I want is great.

Concerning the Xbox Store I’ve had a chance to use it quite a bit before now for things like the Fable Legends beta and my personal favorite Dragon’s Lair. I’ve had many issues with it and most them are listed in the OPs linked video. Simple things like being able to look at the .INI files or change from full-screen mode are egregious. I think the biggest frustration for people is this whole hidden executable file dilemma. I mean not being able to access the files of something installed on my computer is just dumb. There isn’t even an option to open file location from within the games store.

If the Xbox Games store ends up being as locked down as people say it is which will either make modding extremely difficult or impossible is also a deal breaker. MODS open up a window of opportunity for players including myself who have dream of this day for so long to be able to change costumes or health bars etc and now won’t be able to.

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy that KI is finally being natively built for the PC but all the restrictions on the Xbox Game store is just so awful and huge turn-offs for a lot of people including myself. Not having the game available on steam is just a dream killer I really do hope it is available there one day. Give people the option of buying the game on the service they prefer instead of manhandling them into a corner.

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It’s as fun as it looks! If you haven’t played it yet, the combos are easier than they look.

I will never understand the problem some people have with multiple stores. If you have an xbox and want to play bloodborne i understand that you dont want to spend 400 dollars on a new piece of hardware to play a game, but having to do 1 or 2 more clicks on PC? c’mon.


I’m less concerned that the game is on a different storefront… it’s a W10 exclusive because of technical reasons, I think (cross-play with Xbox Live, tying your account to a Gamertag, etc). Since the W10 store is built in to every copy of Windows 10, it’s not so bad.

My main concern is the super draconian policies of apps on W10. Not giving me basic customization options (like full screen vs windowed, V-sync, ability to access the .exe file, etc) that have been standard on PC for 20 years is really bad, I think. There’s also rumors that you can’t capture the screen of a W10 app through programs like OBS, which means it’s a giant pain in the neck to stream it or capture footage from it.

I can see these being dealbreakers for a lot of people. :’(

I know the KI team has no say over these things, but… these types of boundaries on a program in 2016 are not okay, and I hope MS’s shortsightedness doesn’t kill the hype over the PC version. People have proven time and time again that small (or big) annoyances add up really quickly over time and kill the desire to do something, even if the thing itself is really fun.

I mean, if I can’t use OBS to capture footage from the PC version of KI for my guide, and if you have no choice but to use hamfisted, dedicated Win10 streaming solutions (like the Xbox DVR), then… I dunno, that really sucks.


This is probably the most pertinent thing. I think people hoping for a Steam release, mods etc. are living in a fantasy world. If they can’t get the Xbox Live team to make some avatar pictures and the Upload team to make a video template with a KI arcade machine, why would they change the entire way Windows Store operates for KI?

I understand that people don’t like this - and I wouldn’t suggest that you should. But what we have here is essentially what lots of people predicted - the huge influx of “PC fans of Killer Instinct” that flooded the forums to say it would be a day one purchase for them and that no one should hold it against them that they didn’t want to buy a console to play one game, yadda yadda, turn out to be such huge fans that they are going to be dissuaded from buying the game because it is on the Windows store. I think this is garbage. This is the same demographic that can scour the Internet and pirate the original arcade games on MAME (which is a bit clunkier than the Windows Store) but suddenly it’s “no mods no sale.”

Well done trolls of the Internet. You successfully duped MS into expending resources on a PC port of KI that you are now going to slag.


I won’t be suprised if there’s no PC modding allowed. The main reason for this is crossplay. They want to keep the system locked down tight and on the same playing field as those playing on the Xbox One.

I think it’s less that people are upset it’s on the Windows store and more that it being on the Windows store means it’s not a normal computer program.

I mean… mods are one thing, but it’s another thing entirely if the infrastructure doesn’t let us easily stream the game from our PCs, because we can’t use normal streaming software with it.

If it was a fully functional PC game (just only on the W10 store instead of the Steam store), I’d be right there with you condemning people who want to boycott the evil MS corporation. But I don’t think that’s what we’re getting.

That said, people will still be able to play KI on PC, which is fantastic and what we have always wanted. For a lot of users, this is plenty good enough. It’s just… MS seems to always want to make everything super hard on everybody, y’know?

Not really, they only have themselves to blame. Microsoft, I mean. Every game that they will release on PC will suffer losses because of decisions they’ve made by limiting it to one OS, one store and placing plenty of nonsense restrictions on that store, and every restriction will chip away from potential sales. Some don’t want W10, some upgraded but don’t like the store, others don’t mind the store, but hate arbitrary restrictions.
Plenty of people wanted KI, but at some point there is too much hassle to bother. Like, many buy consoles because it’s the easiest plug-and-play device you can find, they don’t want to bother with PCs, and that’s fine. And we don’t want to bother with complications MS decided to stack up either.

‘Drool and fap’



I appreciate your point, but can we put these restrictions in context? Half of the time I am on PC I am struggling to get “real PC games,” not from the Windows Store to work as advertised. Don’t ask me how many hours I spent trying to get “Vanishing of Ethan Carter” to work - after it crashed my system and corrupted my save. I eventually had to dig up a cached and corrupted save file (not in the games directory, and not in the “saves” folder), delete it and start over. In the process, I discovered that the Steam forums are filled with people who are unable to launch the game. That game is considered a critical darling. That’s a digression but it’s one example.

The idea that we live in a world where PC gaming functions flawlessly and effortlessly except on the Windows Store is not a realistic comparator. I like to tinker around as much as the next guy - I was upset when they moved away from DOS to Windows because it made it harder to look at file directories. But gaming on PC is a pain in the neck, most of the time. And I don’t think the idea that it’s just too much hassle to run a game where you can’t access the .exe file is a legitimate reason to shun the game. And frankly, after all the lobbying that took place on these forums about how much everyone wanted the game on PC the “well, it’s too much hassle” argument doesn’t fly. Of course there’s a limit to everything, but I’m having a hard time understanding how these things add up before the game even releases.

And, not to bring up the unmentionable, but can we at least not pretend that MS has set up the Windows Store this way for no reason whatsoever? They are trying to keep people from pirating the games. We can debate whether it’s effective or not, but we should at least acknowledge that it’s the reason.

[quote=“Infilament, post:17, topic:5417”]
It’s just… MS seems to always want to make everything super hard on everybody, y’know?
[/quote] I am totally on board with this. I am not an apologist for MS. They are driving me nuts with the drivers for the TE2 stick (no news at all, not even a “we don’t care enough to make drivers for it”). Lots of the things they have done with X1 drive me crazy - and I was actually okay with always connected, no trading games. I understand why people don’t like to be hassled. If we are on the Windows Store thread I am signing my name on the petition to make the thing more user friendly. But at some point we have to look at the thing and say “am I willing to support KI, despite the issues I might have with MS’s Windows Store policies?” This is the KI forum after all. What I’m seeing is that, of the very small group of folks who stuck around following the close of the “KI on PC?” poll (a dedicated group for sure) those folks are saying “nah, forget it.” Not exactly being ambassadors for the game within the PC community… It’s disappointing to me.

Understanding that I am not a PC super user in any sense, I just don’t see these things as dealbreakers for KI on PC.

Definitely not. A lot of PC games are super headaches to get to work properly. And even in the fighting game space, SFV has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths just as recently as two weeks ago.

It’s a tough argument to swallow, though, that “lots of other games have problems, so we shouldn’t expect KI on PC to be better.” It might be a very pragmatic argument, but it’s still a really hard one to swallow. :’(

I mean… yeah, it’s true. I will still tell people to go play KI on PC because it’s a great game, and you will have a great time. But the list of people who will be annoyed with the implementation rises with each hurdle, I think. I can understand their decision to make it W10 exclusive, even if it irritates a lot of people who don’t want to upgrade, me included (they’re a business, trying to sell their latest thing… it sucks for convenience for a lot of people, but maybe there are technical reasons why they had to do it this way, I’ll give them this one).

But if there are all these dumb technical hurdles even if you have Windows 10, it’s going to really impact the number of people who enjoy the game, sadly. I mean, look at SFV; by many accounts it’s a good game, but literally everything surrounding the gameplay is terrible. Some people are powering through that and trying to access the meat of the game, but lots of (casual) people have given up. I just really don’t want KI to end up like that.


The “PC fans of Killer Instinct” are primarily “PC fans of PC gaming” and all it brings along. This is where the Windows Store fails, at least for now. Phil said they are working on the issues listed on that How to Geek website.

For the lazy: