Special Intros

With Season 3 hopefully branching the storyline out a bit more, maybe we can start to have unique intros between characters?


I can bet u allot of money this never happens! :sob:

it would be nice though!

im kinda alight with one into though… it kinda makes it iconic… u see with more than one you dont seem to remember what they say as much.

But with one they stick in you head (as silly as they are) and they become a catch phrase.


Why don’t you think it’ll never happen? I think it just might. After all, the devs were joking about how often even they’ve heard Orchid say “One step closer to Ultratech” and how it seems like there’s an awful lot of steps to doing so and how that may change soon (or something like that). :wink:

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Lol Keith…

The animation and the voicing… it’s not pratical lol

Just look at the stage ender animation lol. :fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful::fearful:

I would love Special Intros like MKX! :grinning:
But I guess is very hard to do something like that :confused:

But even simply texts like SF will be good! :slightly_smiling:

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I think it’s very likely that Orchid’s ending will be changed. Like, some day Ultratech will be defeated so she will have no purpose on saying that anymore.

Yes yes please or at the very least a separate intro for player one/2 side. It looks weird to see omen flying in taunting nobody and then fulgore comes flying out of the sky invisible

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Or Kim Wu, like “I have a friggin’ Dragon. You can see how this ends, right?” and then Arbiter materializes from nowhere. lol

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I agree. I LOVE the intros in MKX, and ive never played it before!

remember KI is a budget game. Resources are limited. We can expect a new community fund very soon.

Orchid will have been one step closer to flushing out UltraTech for About 2 years… XD

Orchid is the one clogging up all the toilets downtown with her psychotic self😝

Flushing it too much. LOL All Drains lead to the ocean right? So that means unless Orchid is trying to find UltraTech’s Underwater base, she should get a new hobby. XD

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Welp. I suppose the topic went down the drain.

I just don’t see such a feature being a priority.
I’d rather resume conversations about this kind of fluff AFTER we get Ultimates and Stage Ultras, and the remaining character cast.