Special Guest - Another Rareware IP character

Yeah guests are not that welcome when you talk about a game like KI. But would be fare to have a balanced quantity of guests since you know about the upcoming “spoiler”. 2 guests from Rareware would be very cool in my opinion. This could be a thing specially if Eyedol make in the game as the true final boss. So seeing how Arbiter don’t do much things with his Carbine 51, i wonder if you guys could let Joanna Dark be the special guest of this game replacing a possible bonus character. She could fight using pistols and machine guns.

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No more guest characters, please.


Id love a Joanna Dark inspired Skin for Orchid

And a totally new gun based character yes

Joanna Dark skin for Orchid I would think is cool, and a nice thing for he’s fans.

I do NOT want her in KI as a character… in general I’m against guests, but at least the ones we’ve gotten are cool and at least almost fits the game

Joanna Dark is pretty much just Orchid with less personality anyway… don’t get why people are so worked up over her.
She pretty much the most generic female agent in gaming history

Edit: oh… and generally… no more guests please… already think 3 out of 8 is too much.
At least I can comfort myself with the fact that they draw more people to KI

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I’d like to see joanna dark actually.

I would like Joanna Dark in KI as well. She could be Orchid’s rival (friendly competition kinda way). This could be Microsoft’s SMB.

I’d rather have joanna than who we’re going to get but I think we need to save the last slot for Eyedol and just finish off the classic cast. If Joanna makes it in the future I hope they make her default mirror match the blonde that player 2 uses in co-op.

I love all the guests, including “him,” but I think the last slot should be a KI character. I would love to see Eyedoll, but I don’t mind a newcomer.

As far as Joanna goes, I find her boring compared to our current guests and “him.” The thought of a gun based character just seems eh to me. Maybe someone like Cole Train from Gears could work as a shooter. Mixing guns and his football (trashball) skills would be pretty cool.

Any character without any creativity can be “boring” whether it’s an original character or not. Eyedol have the same possibility of ending up being a bad character just as easy as JD or any other guest. It’s up to IG to give a character a personality.

As much as I loved Perfect Dark as a kid, I don’t ever see that series coming back and really I don’t see Joanna being a viable guest at this point. Guests are meant for cross pollination of games, I’m fairly certain that Perfect Dark is gone for good. Sure Battletoads is dead but I think its recent rise in popularity could mean a new game is in development.

Like I said, I loved Perfect Dark but the 360 sequal sucked so badly that I doubt they would ever try to bring it back in this oversaturated shooter market. Plus we already have a badass militaristc secret agent girl, Joanna doesn’t really match what KI needs right now. Plus I’d rather see a new original design from IG after Eyedol comes out, since they’re so limited this season.


Kameo. It only makes sense.

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