Sparring Partner

Looking for someone to spar with I need some help learning TJ Combo

Hello. So, I take it you’re ready to get bodied then? :slight_smile:

If you’re on later today around 2:30 pm EST then yeah I always take this type of stuff as a learning experience

Sadly, I probably won’t be, as I’ll be travelling with my family. However, I should be available for most of tomorrow. :slight_smile:

That’s fine either reply here whenever you’re down to spar or send me a message on xbox

You can training yourself!
I did train myself without tips or help!

Yes I am aware I seem to learn better from sparring with an actual partner and I have tried training on my own and didn’t seem to help any

You can add me. I love learning too

My lower level character list is

And I don’t ever play Aganos. Yuk

You can always play my Maya or Orchid Shadows as well

Just added you hit me up whenever you’re down to train

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