Soul Calibur 6


yeah I was able to do a small update for Slith, but it’s not something thats worth showing. I’m actually starting to think The Lizardman are not getting anything for the torso armor period. which would suck if that is the case.


finally made as close representation of black orchid (WITH NO GOGGLES mind you) that I could

we need more sticker slots I’d love to have finessed the bustier and grenades and the wrist computer out of view here

I’m going to try to use kanji to replicate the bustier leather cross-straps when I have time


It’s good.

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I have to look it up but there is a request for feedback from the dev team. Will post the link to the survey once I find it…

A good opportunity to let them know about
things such as online performance and other gripes…

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Welp here’s hoping. In other news they announced they plan on releasing all the season pass DLC before the end of the summer.


I’m happy to see they want our feedback!
But I’m confused why Steam isn’t an option in the “versions purchased” tab.
Edit: NEVERMIND, there’s a separate Steam survey and I am a fool :joy:


why did you post the DOA link in the SoulCalibur thread

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My mistake.


Correct link to SCVI survey (thanks to @CausingThought6)

@BigBadAndy @STORM179 @Fwufikins just tagging a few people who had certain thoughts about the game and could be interested in the survey. This English survey was buried on the Japanese site (!).


Amy DLC releases next week 3/26


Hope that I like her in this one. Didn’t really like her that much on the others.

I could totally finish my Weiss with her style though

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the moon shall swallow the sun, it will never rise again

hints at a similar Siegfried/ nightmare parallel for Amy/ Viola


Pretty much sums it up now.

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especially when her broken hairstyle is the exact viola hair under her scv hood :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

She also gains viola’s slide & thrust charge from scv


Fought for a few hours against an Amy last night at our offline. It was interesting…the character actually has pretty deceptive range.


So I’m just curious, is it accurate to say this version of Amy is like a mix of Raphael and Xiangua? A lot of her moves look similar to both of those characters, and even if she plays completely different from both of them I can’t shake the similarities. I guess either way I should be glad she’s not just a copy of Raphael anymore, but without exact knowledge of her moveset and frame data I’m still bugged about it.

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Welp I can at least say I’m hopeful that Lizardman/Aoen will have some more uniqueness to his move sets.

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He’s been unique since SC5 though, they wouldn’t have to change much save for adding new moves for Soul Charge. Unless of course they wanted to integrate the old and new movesets, like a stance change system or whatever (kind of like Wonder Woman in Injustice 1, where she had two movesets you could switch to).


Pretty much. Although, if what you said is true than they’ve proven that you can give a character unique moves despite the fact that she has a similar if not same fighting style as Rpahael.


So I just bought the Season Pass and I must say that it depresses me that 2B’s punch combos are so fun, since despite having the Analyze mechanic on them (unarmed hits build up a charge to make some moves count as Lethal Hits) they are clearly not a core aspect of her moveset. It kind of feels like what I wanted Talim’s moveset to be, more punching and less gimmick moves.

Also in the case of Amy, does it feel like her rose throw mechanic seems underutilized? I know there are buffs for hitting the opponents with both types of roses, but her moves already seem good enough without them. Or is this one of those cases where they only matter in highest-level gameplay?