Soul Calibur 2/KoF98 on Backwards Compat $5

5 dollars for Soul Calibur 2. KoF also on Back compat. People on the Xbox sub reddit are saying sticks work with Soul Calibur. Does this mean all back compat games work with sticks now?

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Downloaded TTT2 and skullgirls today, love those, is kof98 worth it, seems really old and not all older games play well…I know I always hated the older Fatal Fury’s, because SF2 controls were a lot tighter. Also somehow never played a kof game.

I don’t know man. But if it’s the right price I’ll buy KoF 98. My Xbox is starting to become a collection of fighting games.

Can’t get to the site because my school’s wifi sucks.

Now all I need is KoF 13 on the BC…

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The fightsticks work with Tekken Tag 2. Still don’t work with Skullgirls.

I can’t buy SoulCaliburII HD at the moment, although a search revealed it in the store. I did get KOF 98UM for $9.99

Metal Slugg XX showed up for $1.00! EDIT LOL nevermind. It’s an extra character. Derp.

Would rather have either SC4 or SC5… If I could have SC5 with Taki and Zasalamel, I’d be peachy… But oh well.

I can confirm that fightstick works. Man. XOne is suddenly racking up the classic fighters from the 360 library! Keep em coming MS!

damn I must have just missed it :frowning: it’s $19.99 on my end.