Sorry but the game just sucks now

I just don’t like what it’s become they have slowed it down way too much and I just don’t like it. why I can’t play a game that I paid for is beyond me we should be able to play season one by self and season two two buy it’s self online I’m might add you just a rant.

Considering the combo breaker nerfs throughout the seasons (S1 Hard Knockdown, S2 Soft Knockdown, S3 Flip out), the addition of flipout, and the overall high damage among the majority of the cast (roughly 45% to 65% off a counter breaker with two bars with most of the cast) it’s hard to see how the game has slowed down that much.

Season 1 had unbreakable juggles, Season 2 was nothing but hard knockdown setups, and Season 3 is leaning more towards resets.

It’s your opinion if you don’t like the game anymore that is fine. However saying it has slowed down compared to the dirty and optimal tech in the game beforehand is simply looking at the past with rose-tinted lenses.


Amen to that


Slowed down? For season 3, EVERY CHARACTER got crazy buffs to help them deal with the crazy S3 cast. That, plus flipouts, means the game has only gotten crazier.

Go watch Sadira setups and combo videos from S1 compared to S3, then tell me it’s slower.


I mean, you did buy the game with the expectation that it was going to be changed. Maybe not this drastically, but still.

If you’re not having fun, it might be best to move on to another game. Might I recommend Skullgirls? That game is super fast.


Sounds like some one is getting WRECKED online…by low tiers … LMAO!

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The speed of this game is actually what is keeping me coming back. Other fighters like SFV are slower in comparison to KI.


Hell if he wants the game to be fast then he should main Omen, he has fast kicks for days. I’m surprised he doesn’t yell out ora ora ora while doing it.

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KI is just one of those kinds of games where when you’re doing well it flows very good, bit if you’re getting just absolutely wrecked it feels sluggish, unresponsive, and it seems like every action you take just blows up in your face. The only real way to fix that is the typical answer…practice practice practice.

But to be frank I have the KI season 1 disk loaded up on one of my Xbox ones, and believe me when I say that in comparison to S3 the game is grounded, slow, and bland.
I’m sure there are high-end players that miss the unbreakable vortices in S1, such as Sadira’s well known spin-to-win, but they didn’t make for good fair gameplay.


I think that is what he is wanting. Some of the old tricks that have been patched.

In what world is KI Season 1 faster than KI S3? :confused:


His world??


WOW!!! bro I got yo feeling , since I felt the same like 5 months ago, But did you tried to change character??? it wil bring you a whole new world Believe me.

where I stand now I feel like this game is new to me since I enjoy it so much , like 5 months till now and I don’t want it even to end now for a new KI2.

I like this one and only wish to have 4 more characters and contents.


Don’t feed the troll.

If anything its faster. :\

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The only way i can remember it being slightly slowed down was the added hitstop to the manuals. Other than that???

this is positive! thx for sharing this and trying to help out another KI player continue to play the game!


Fo real, bro ive been passed into this situation before him and I think to understand what he could feel.
That moment where you feel upset and lost and still cannot espress it correctly cause you are so upset.
but only the fact to changes character was like I was reborn that same day,tryin to learning all MU’s.

Would you believe me that ““Negative scott”” this godlike S3 terror hisako player is in reality a Sadira main since day 1 :thinking: yeah you read it right bro! since day one.
But when the saison 3 came out he dropped her for a better character wich who hes feelin all the fun in this game, I think everyone see that hes in love with hgisako.
and he did the right choice.
@IIDaScareCrowII Just a way to let you know that they are so many way to enjoy this game, now that’s on you to find what to do exactly.


The game plays better than it ever has IMO. More gameplay possibilities and variety, more refined and balanced mechanics, more condensed tiers, etc.

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