Soooo lets talk Kilgore

You guys are gonna get a kick outta what I found not many know about it but I just wanna get it fixed cuz having a 70+% breakable unbreakable is just LUL
Get the Devs attention whatever has to be done I love Kilgore but this applies with any blowout combo to a whiffed dp be careful out there

is the down guns special a HKD? :thinking: that’s pretty cool

Why would someone break when they’re flipping out though?

We just gon pretend people don’t mash instinct or tech grab on wakeup lol not to mention I can exhaust anywhere on the stage and land a counter breaker at the cost of 15 or so % damage

Lol. I’ve broken that DP before :joy:

What can I say? I break until someone gives me a compelling reason not to :slightly_smiling_face:

Like in all seriousness I’m just wanting them to fix whatever is causing a break window with the dp because just about any juggle can be countered I know he doesn’t do the best in damage but it’s something that can be exploited in real combos

That DP is supposed to be breakable. It’s a juggle hit, and pretty much all of those are breakable as a general rule. If you were to try and shadow DP for unbreakable, it’d still be breakable per opener/ender rules since none of the gunshot stuff is breakable. Can’t cash out without giving the opponent a chance to break.

Guns special is not a HKD, so this combo doesn’t work against people who know the trick.

Also, if you get counter broken IMO you deserve 60-70% or whatever you want. Mira can do 75% with no bar and no special conditions every time she counter breaks you, so high damage on counter breakers is not uncommon.


All in all I understand there’s no risk reward in this at all I just thought this was something that was just completely an accident Its just it threw me for a loop because I tried with a number of distances and the computer always broke a do no matter how far or close my only guess is the projectile are keeping said break window open and treats it like an opener

Non-projectile juggles are always breakable after any opener (here, the throw is your opener), so the DP being breakable is not a surprise. The training mode AI set to “break all” is very hard to counter break (it doesn’t act like a human and doesn’t play by the normal counter breaking rules).

That I didn’t factor in so when I’m testing things should I set a certain frame to break somewhat simulate a more realistic break because I’d I’m not mistaken I only had it on frame 0 break which 9 times outta 10 won’t usually happen every single time.

Unfortunately setting to a different frame doesn’t change anything. The only way to counter break the AI is to break exactly on the same frame as they’re set to (it’s a 1 frame link). In real matches you can catch break attempts for something like 25 frames after your counter breaker, but the AI will not try to break after your counter breaker. It’s pretty silly.

You can set a recording to do the Kilgore thing, and then take control of player 1 and try to break the thing manually yourself if you want to test break windows, that’s the only reliable way.