Sooo, why did my KI Gold disappear?

Preordered Ultra and got 18000 KI gold, but now it’s gone. What’s that about?

It just happens man lol don’t stress it though, it will come back. This happens to be every once in a while too, all my gold disappears but then it comes back.

Mine disappeared when I downloaded the pc version, I uninstalled it and my Xbox one KI gold points came back - n
ot syncing right I guess.

Try a complete power down and reboot of the console, that usually fixes that issue.

Nothing has fixed the issue for me

Me too. I preordered KI S03 ultra and my 17 000 KI gold disappear. (I see it 2days ago). I also buy Shadow Jago and I don’t reveived the 1500 KI gold… Someone can tell me where are all my KI gold ?

Same boat here.

Had 18,650 in gold and it’s all gone since today’s update!

I FIXED THE ISSUE!!! I RESET MY ROUTER AND BOOM MY GOLD WAS BACK!!![quote=“THABROOD888, post:5, topic:8133, full:true”]
Nothing has fixed the issue for me

try resetting your router!

Really? I try everything I read here and nothing from these fixes work for me!
I will try to reset the Router when im out of work and I hope this one fix it!
I can’t understand why the router reset fixes the problem, but when it works for you, I hope I have the same luck :wink:
Have you an idea why this one should fix for you?

Ok, i tested the method, but for me it doesn’t work :frowning:
Knowing about the KI Gold Problem? Is there any fix for future updates are planned?

It’ s done ! Thanks