Soo what exactly are footies?

I see the term used a lot for those of us that don’t know you mind explaining?

Is it controlling space? Ground game?

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And more.

Check out this short series, this is the best explanation I’ve found so far (it’s from SFIV, but the concept is universal).


Thank you good find on the videos!

Here a few more resources - footsies is a bit of a rabbit hole:

I like the way Juicebox explains things - it may help you as well:


By far the best example. I’m working on one specifically for KI. Hope to get it out soon.


Juicebox’s explanation is awesome. However, I think it may go over the heads of some inexperienced players, notably those who have to ask the question “what are footsies?” in the first place. I would start with something simpler first, like what I posted above, then go into Juicebox’s explanation.

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I can dig it :slight_smile:

I’m actually really stoked that someone actually asked this question. Usually what we get is people acting like they know all about it and saying it “doesn’t exist in KI”.

Lol that’s what pretty much prompted this question. I’m still learning all the fighting game lingo. Reading various comments with KI content that comment pops up quite a bit.

@FinchoMatic I look forward to it!

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Well good on you for seeking answers and drawing your own conclusions. :thumbsup:


I’ve already finished the document on it. I’m in the process of making the video for it because visual demonstrations open the eyes more.

Footsies in Killer Instinct do exist, but requires a more broken down way of explaining them as they’re not the same as Street Fighter

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Footsies, as a whole concept, is just jockeying for (usually grounded) position. That’s kind of about it.

Different games manifest this in different ways. SF is largely just well-spaced grounded pokes, designed to hit at the very tip of the move. Your goal as a player is to walk back and forth into (and out of) this range so that the opposing player feels like he can’t adequately challenge your buttons, and when he tries, his attacks miss.

KI footsies can be like this in some matchups (Jago vs Orchid, for example), but because specials are so good, you often use specials as your “grounded pokes” in addition to normals. When you hit with a special, you start a combo that might end with a knockdown and close-range pressure, which is a different aspect of the fight.

This is why, I think, a lot of people think footsies don’t exist in KI. They tend to resolve really quickly and you get put in a combo. In SF, if you successfully land a sweep (SFIV aside), footsies haven’t ended… the guy rises up at mostly the same range and you keep doing the same thing, so the game’s damage comes mostly from this sort of mid-range position war. In KI, that war exists, but if you get hit, it transitions to a different war for a while, and you might not return to footsies range for 10-15 seconds.

KI, to me, is equal parts footsies, pressure, mixups (combo system), and set play/oki. You land a footsies hit, you play a mixup game, then you play a set play/oki game, then you play a pressure game, then you go back to footsies. For the people who like only footsies and feel that it’s the most fair, honest version of a fighting game possible, you might not enjoy all aspects of KI. But if you enjoy a bunch of different fighting game strategies, KI is pretty unique.


Great explanation as always. Nice to get an idea comparing KI and SF.

i have seen that word a lot of times and i dont know what is xd (by thE way, im new in the FGC)

There is already another thread about this

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playing with footsies is when you use your normal attacks to reach your opponent for example, mid kick to hit his hace from medium screen, idk, something like that

Merged the thread with the existing one :slight_smile: