Somthng is missing from Hisako's Stage

I remeber back in season 2 the center building in Hisako’s stage had this cool pulsing light effect when ever it was struck by lightning. Ever since the season 3 lighting update, that effect has been missing from the stage. Can this be fixed?

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Many stages have been modified since the lighting update - Spinal’s stage no longer has glowing skeletons and Sadira’s stage no longer has assassins in their respective backgrounds anymore, for example.

Eh…both those things are still in Spinal and Sadira’s stages :confused:

But yeah, the lighting change did remove and/or modify some of the cool VFX that certain stages had going on.

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Really? I could’ve sworn someone showed proof of said changes a while back. Must be in a reduced nature then, rather than completely gone…

The glowy skeletons aren’t as highlighted on Spinal’s stage (since the stage has more light sources going on in general), so they can be a little tough to see. The background assassins on Sadie’s stage though are considerably easier to see under the new lighting than the old.

Well, I for 1, actively try to ignore the background, since I don’t want anything distracting me from the fight itself (Arbiter throwing plasma grenades on his own stage is the worst offender in this case), so I miss a lot of things stage-wise.

Yeah I purposely went and did a little playing on spinals stage because I noticed I hadn’t seen the skeletons in a while. Like the guy above said, the Skeletons still come out, it just seems like they aren’t as frequent in season 3. I eventually was playing and had both skeletons out at the same time which hasn’t happened in a really long time. Hisakos still has the flickering temple effect too, just maybe not as prominent.