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Regarding these costumes:
“they are not going to be touching these costumes up because they’re work done by Double Helix”

So are the mechanics of the season 1 characters yet the IG devs have been changing them plenty of times anyway and besides DH isn’t around anymore. Just pointing things out doods.

I think mechanics are essential to a game, so it would make sense that they evolve to better accommodate for players and just feel good. Season 1 mechanics were quite interesting, but they were undeniably flawed.

Plus, in terms of balancing, it can’t be achieved if the season 1 cast was not treated as well to the remaining seasonal characters. Though, nothing major changed about them outside of frame values and gameplay tweaks. They still have their same shadows, same specials, and normals. If anything they added more not detracted. For example, Sadira got new functions and a new ender.

Cosmetics is more of a respect thing. If IG just revised the retros, which they could, it would take away from what DH built. Say what you will about DH, but they are the reason that Killer Instinct became what it is today. They essentially framed the game with a vision and IG added the walls and paint. What confuses me is that some people (not saying you) think a grudge exist between the two because DH moved to other projects. That error in thought is what warrants a rework of what DH built, for some people. It shouldn’t. I don’t like season 1 retros, but it reminds me of Killer Instinct’s origins and whatnot. I like how IG pays homage to them by respecting their artistic vision. Though, that isn’t to say I wouldn’t mind if they added an alternative version of retro, but not revision.

TL;DR: It’s more of a respect thing, since DH did build the base that IG could further improve upon. Mechanics are essential to a fighting game’s balance, whereas cosmetics are simply eye-pleasers. Two different functions, one that requires constant updates while the other is just artistic vision that may or may not age well.


good points, yet their reasoning for not "touching up"on the retros seems to be as flawed as the season 1 mechanics. So I would speculate that the real reason is because it’s just not a high priority.

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Except “flawed” S1 retro are subjective. It’s a purely opinion subject whereas Balanceing are things that have real data behind them showing that these things NEED to be done or the game will sink fast in its stagnation


I don’t think I said that…

Oh my bad… huh… by the way why do u think it’s flawed. Why do you think not messing with another company’s cosmetic works because of general respect or whatever it could be is flawed?

It just sounds like hypocrisy to me. “We can’t change retros out of respect for the other devs… oh but we can toy with everything else though!” (mind you, that’s not a real quote from the devs) Anyhow, that hypocrisy is what makes their reasoning flawed IMO.

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