Something I've noticed about Gargos (Regarding the hints toward him)

So we all know Gargos is coming. This is his season, the season of his corruption.

Something has been bugging me though about his design and this is what it is.

So in Killer instinct 2, he was a gargoyle. Nothing special, just a good ol European gargoyle. Throughout the new KI, they’ve shown little images and hints towards what Gargos will look like and um I noticed something about him.

He seems very…Japanese Oni inspired? Maybe it’s the way he was drawn, but I find it strange that it looks like they went from a european inspired gargoyle, to a more Japanese demon design.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought this was interesting to point out and nobody else seems to have. What do you guys think?

(This isn’t an excuse to talk more about Gargos because I am excited for him or anything…:slight_smile: )


I like the Oni theory, I think it would look more awesome for a shadowlord/godlike being to look like an oni (maybe with some gorgoyle traits) then a strait up Gorgoyle, which I think might look strong, but not necesarrily godlike.


I mentioned a long time ago that I thought it was interesting that his picture in the emblem above portrays him wearing a black kimono with white trim. :wink:


I never realized this. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

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Don’t mater which form he takes. ARIA will be there to strike him. Robot power.

I honestly hope he doesn’t have the black robe. Idk, it seems like it would be a bit silly looking on him. Haha.

One more thing to the Oni theory: One of Omen’s masks its an Oni.

IMO Gargos will have some short of clothing. Armor, robes, whatever. He will be the nude gargoyle we know in his retro, I expect a more complex modern design


Guess that’s true. As long as he has his wings out unlike omen, I am fine with it


I still dream with a winged Omen…


It’s kinda cool that two characters I like will be japanese inpsired (Hisako and now Gargos). Hopefully he’ll also be pretty big in size as well (Maybe not Aganos big, but slightly bigger than arbiter)

I’m pretty confident Gargos will have the face retained from the imaes but he’ll keep his general Gargoyal appearance.

I think that would be cool if he was like an Oni with wings. Now question what e’s gonna wear…um well that will get awkward.

Gargoyle hellboy with huge demon wings. He’s not gonna look like onaga and might have the same size of arby.

actually I think this would correct a flaw in the storyline and thesis behind the original KI2, We have fake tiger spirit, which was destined to be defeated by the dragon spirit… yet Gargos was a Euro gargoyle… it didn’t match up, Using a Japanese origin as a basis for him would surely complement the entire storyline, design and concept of the game


after retro Wulf the prospect of more faux nudity scares me :fearful: hehehe


Hey, to be fair, retro Riptor its awesome

In the first image it looks like he’s wearing one of these:

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We really don’t even know if that is how IG is going to design Gargos, the monster seen in Shadow Jago’s instinct activation was drawn up by the previous developer DH and the icon Shago got that has the same figure might just be a reference to that and not actually how Gargos will be portrayed in-game.

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She’s not a mammal, if you get what I mean

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Well like you said, we don’t know. It could be either way.

I am all for this. This would be a great idea for his character but I hope he is still as beasty