Something I'd like to ask a favor from you guys

I know this could be awkward but I’m going to tell it anyway…

You see, I don’t have a Xbox One yet, neither Windows 10 to get KI, and I’m sure there are some people here too in the forums who don’t have it.

I’m sure you may be asking, “But wait! What about those KI videos you made like the Microsoft Sam Announcer? You said it was recorded in Windows 10 by Xbox DVR!”

Ok, here’s the scoop, I used a different laptop which runs Windows 10 of course. However, it’s NOT my personal laptop, rather it is from a relative of mine, who is living in a different country. My personal laptop runs Windows 7. When I went for a vacation there, I was able to record KI gameplay for the videos I’ve uploaded, and it was my opportunity to do so.

You may probably ask, “So why don’t you just upgrade your personal laptop to Windows 10? That would just save your time!”

Look, in my honest opinion, I don’t think my NVIDIA Graphic Card could handle KI at its full speed, so it would be just a waste of time upgrading it to Windows 10. I’ve once tried playing GTA V and WWE 2K16, the speed wasn’t that good…

Ok, end of story. Now it’s time to bring up the main topic…

So I wanted to ask a favor from you guys, now that you’ve seen the story, can you record raw KI footage and send it to me so that I may use it for upcoming videos?

These are the upcoming videos I will create:

1.) Gargos vs. Jago (with custom music)

Criteria in recording the raw footage:

  • It’s your choice which one will you use, Xbox One or Windows 10, the former is recommended.
  • Music volume must be at 0, hence the title.
  • Must be Player vs. CPU. It’s your choice which difficulty are you comfortable with.
  • Recording should start at the character select screen.
  • You can either pick/select Gargos or Jago.
  • Stage should be Shadow Tiger’s Lair
  • As much as I want, the match must be good and a high combo must be attained (through video editing, I’ll be able to treat the custom music as if it was a dynamic music in the game)
  • NO ULTRAS. It will be tough for me to create beats akin to the custom song’s instrumental.
  • Also, is it possible to not show your gamertag in the lifebar? Although once I upload the video, I’ll credit you in the description.

2.) Divekick: KI Edition

Criteria in recording the raw footage:

  • It’s your choice which one will you use, Xbox One or Windows 10, the former is recommended.
  • Pick local multiplayer.
  • The characters must be Spinal and Shadow Jago.
  • Any stage can be picked.
  • Do NOT record at the very start of the match. The procedure goes like this:
  • Step 1: Let Shadow Jago deplete Spinal’s health, up until like a tiny pixel is left in his second lifebar.
  • Step 2: What you need to do next is to pause the game and turn off the HUD.
  • Step 3: Position them in a good distance that Shadow Jago can hit Spinal with his Divekick.
  • Step 4: Now, start recording and let them be idle for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, do the divekick, and once Spinal is knocked out and the announcer says Winner, Shadow Jago must do his taunt. When the match results pop in the screen, stop recording.

That’s all. Thank you for reading.

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I’ll do these for you, in high quality 1080p60fps too!

Only two problems:

1: In order to remove the gamertag, I’ll have to remove the lifebar entirely.

2: The higher difficulty of Jago/Gargos fight is, the more entertaining, but also the less likely I’ll net a high combo. What’s your decision on this?

Here’s a test one. Does this work for you?


That works perfectly.

But I am an idiot. I realized I should have put in this criteria too: HUD should have been removed. Reason is so that I could throw in edited Divekick lifebars and Fraud Detection Warning through video editing. So forgive me.

Also, turn off the announcer. It could be “distracting”.

As regards to Jago vs. Gargos (with custom music), it’s ok if there’s no lifebar. For the difficulty, I’d say just be on Medium/Normal, it’s my choice.

Time to do some numbers and counting so I can get Shago and Spinal down to a pixel without dying. Even with the life bars I screwed up 3 times :yum:

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PERFECT! Just exactly what I need! Thank you very much! :smiley:

Just leaving this here from another thread so that others could be aware. Thanks!