Someone wanna tell me wtf is going on here?

Notice anything strange?

@TheKeits, pls.

How is he a gold top 32?


Best noob ever.


Could have had his rank reset, heard someone saying about getting sent from killer to qualifier on the FB group.

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This happened to @GalacticGeek once…its a bug that gives ppl Top 32 stars.

Geek, you think that might be what this is?

Oh, I’ve played that guy several times. I’m pretty sure he’s in Killer, probably not top 32 though.

He’s in the top 32 in the gold ranks… It’s a thing now and pretty soon all the ranks will get them including qualifiers.

That guy is always close to the Top 32, but his most used character is never shown. He’s like The Most Interesting Man in the World… of KI.


I know EXACTLY what is going on there. It’s a Rank Reset glitch. Right after the Aganos patch, I used to get this ALL the time. One moment I’m a Killer… the next… BAM… I’m back to Qualifier. Within an hour, I’d be back to Killer w/ all my Killer stats preserved, minus the wins I accumulated while not being a Killer. I had it happen 3 times. I reached out to KI staff and they took my ID and researched it. I haven’t had any of these issues since Aria dropped though.

I can see it being REALLY frustrating to somebody who struggled to get to Killer. For me it was an annoyance and an even bigger annoyance for all the people who thought I was some noob. Nothing like murdering a Killer as a Gold. I remember a guy asking me if I was really a gold after a lopsided victory. I advised him of what happened and his comments were, “Dude that sucks, but your Sadira is crazy!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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