Somebody managed to release an emulator solely made for a playable Primal Rage II!

Yes, I’m not kidding. I’m spreading the word for those are unaware. Go check it out!


Primal Rage 2 had human characters!? Blasphemy! :rage:

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They are like some kind of demi-gods, they are as big as dinosaurs.

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thats awesome, but they ruined it with the humans. they look so damn goofy lol

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I only ever played the 1st game.

There are also the original characters.
I don’t know if they are unlocked from the beginning, but pressing up on human characters let you access to the dinosaurs (humans are impersonifications of that said dinosaurs).

-to unlock the old primal rage cast, just hold up for 4 seconds on a human.
-if you hold up for 4 seconds on the old cast, you unlock a 3rd version that lets you switch between human/monster on the fly like shang tsung.
-after a 2p versus match, the loser has to press start to continue on the “vs” screen or else the game crashes.
-sometimes when choosing your character the game makes a terrible screech sound. be ready.

I’ve played the arcade version several times, as Galloping Ghost in Brookfield, Illinois is the only place in the world that has ever had a Primal Rage 2 arcade cabinet out in the wild. The game is actually rather fun. I don’t mean to sound blasphemous, but I think it plays better than the first one. I know there’s a way to change your character in-match so that you turn in to your dinosaur version, almost like popping instinct in KI.

Man, I’d love it if there was an actual release of this game on XBL and PSN.

I Loved the first primal rage in Fact it was a huge part of my childhood but the second one is not working with me since they are humans I know you can play as the dinosaurs but really? I can’t really say since I never got to play primal rage 2 so it could be good but the human thing threw me off.