Some questions need ask

I bought Supreme Edition pack after take a look on free version:
I have some questions

  • Why I have only 22 characters?
  • The bundles just have characters and some trash items? If that, then this’s not smart way…
  • Is possible for make skin/character mod?
    About me. I’m new comer here, my English isn’t good. I’m Steam user, boring with Street Fighter 5. Here’s me:
    I think this game isn’t bad, except character graphic. I wish have a high quality/interesting graphic version for who want. I like human characters, love pretty ladies…
    I don’t have much time for play game. I’ll try more than at weekend, hope this game can hold me long time :grin:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Anyway 22 characters is all that is out right now I believe, but you will get Mira in April, Gargos in May, and a new character in June, and July free of charge. 22 is a pretty solid number though IMO, that is 5 more than what SFV currently has (including Alex)

The bundles come with the characters, their stages, retro costumes, and accessories. I know pre-order also came with some gold and double XP, but idk if the non-preorder does. XB1 version also came with the original Ki games, but not PC version.

I have no idea about the 3rd question :confused:

If you prefer more “human” characters you can always try Jago, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, TJ Combo, Maya, Kim-Wu, and Tusk. They are all human characters that are a little more “normal” when compared to the rest of the cast if that is what you prefer.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the game!

thanks your reply :slight_smile: