Some more holliday accessories please!

It’s been a while since the last ones were given to us. I’m hoping halloween brings us some new ones. I’d love a pumpkin head for spinal!

Yes I agree we are in need of some holiday accessories.

For Halloween accessories I’d like to see: a scarecrow for Kan Ra, Michael Jackson from Thriller for TJ(maybe?), a jedi for Jago (doubt it), a zombie for Hisako, a headless horseman for Spinal (includes a pumpkin), a reptilian for Maya, and/or a terminator for Fulgore. It won’t happen but these are what I wish for.

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What about Grim Reaper for Spinal? That’s would be very amazing!

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Halloween Accessories… bitte, danke SCHÖN!

Angel wings and halo for Riptor. :heart_eyes:
Thunder dressed up as a colonist/settler.
Kan Ra as a Chef, his belt has ladles, tongs, knives, frying pan and of course a COOK BOOK.
Jason costume for Jago. Mask, Machete, overalls. Done

I think Hisako has the best frame for it IMO. Her Naginata can be a Scythe much easier than Spinals sword. Then there’s her taunt. Death always points a finger.

I can’t really think of another holiday that’s universal. Christmas accessories would be fun to see again. Riptor with elf shoes. Everytime her toe hits the ground, a little bell rings. So cute.

Sadira could be given the Grinche get up.
Kan Ra could be the Ghost of Christmas past with chains instead of bandages.
Aganos could have Chimney accessories. Or Gingerbread house accessories.
Hisako gets the nutcracker outfit. Red coat uniform, musket instead of Naginata.

I would like to see some related to Halloween that would be awesome.

So true. But Hisako is not skeleton! Spinal and Grim are skeleton.

Would be awesome if we had Seasonal Accessories as a permanent feature. The return of the Christmas goodies! And some Halloween stuff, lease.

I just thought of a perfect outfit. Pinocchio. Hear me out. He falls apart, almost like a puppet with its strings cut. His bone sounds are almost like blocks of wood knocking together. And he’ll look really funny with the long nose and the old clothes.