Some beginner questions (Who should I play?)

no problem :wink:

I’d actually recommend Jago if you’re looking for a character who plays a bit more of the footsies-and-frametraps style. His toolset will also transition well from your SF background.

For myself, I’m a Hisako main. I love her mobility and command grabs, combined with the extra zest that is the counter and cancel game :smile:

You have more feedback now than you probably wanted!

It’s helpful to know you are a fighting game vet, and that you like SFV. It gives some useful perspective. I tend to agree with @SonicDolphin117. Jago is a good character with decent footsie based gameplay that rewards good fundamental spacing and blocking. And Kim Wu (although she has some bad matchups) is a very “honest” footsie based technical fighter that might click with you.

You seem to have tried a lot of stuff, and although it may pain me a bit to say it, it’s possible this just isn’t a game that you are ever going to love.

Its entirely possible that you’re right. I don’t dislike the game by any means its just not really clicking. But the characters do seem very different from each other so its entirely possible that I just haven’t found my character yet, so I’m trying to keep an open mind still.

Jago honestly seems ridiculous to me. I’ve seen him played at Combo Breaker and Evo 2016 and his fireball pressure is completely ridiculous. And the fact that he can get back like 40% of his life from that fireball pressure in instinct just seems so outlandish to me. I’m not opposed to playing shotos by any means and I do kind of like Shadow Jago when I played him a fair bit. I know a lot of people play Shago and that a lot of people hate fighting him, but regardless he has a pretty basic moveset and has some interesting things including what amounts to a raging demon.

Oh yeah, another weird question: How many people play Killer Instinct? I can’t really see where I’m ranked on the leaderboards and I just want to have an idea of how it compares with Street Fighter V. Like being halfway thru Silver puts me around the top 10% of players or around there. I also had to work pretty hard to get to that point.

But Killer Instinct confuses me because I made it half way thru silver so far without even really having a character I feel yet and it was completely free. It seems like everyone is level 50/50, golds and killers are often free, qualifiers are like the most dangerous people on the planet, because of requalifying you have no idea how good anyone is, and my friend has been playing the game for like a month and made it to Rank 29 last night and is ranked as the 2nd best Gargos in the world despite being so new.

I have no idea what the sense of progression is supposed to be like in this game, but it seems like its just all over the place due to being able to requalify. So I’d just kinda like to get an idea if what’s considered good and if its normal to be progress so quickly.

Hm. While I can’t give you a number on how many active players there are, I can touch on a few of your questions.

First off, if you have a solid grasp of fighting game mechanics in general, you will tend to do well in KI. Many (most?) of KI’s players are pretty new to fighting games, and knowing how to just block it out and how to properly meaty would likely get you to Killer and beyond. To a certain extent, I think Killer tier is more like SFV’s Silver, where it’s more indicative of people finally learning to play the game and incorporate advanced strategies into their play. I basically meaty crush countered my way into Ultra Silver in SFV, and honestly was super disappointed at the time in the utter lack of fundamentals on display from the vaunted SF community.

Level 50/50 means literally nothing. Most players got player level 50 a long, long time ago, and the number is in no way dispositive of the amount of learning they incurred on the way there. It takes about 3 or 4 days of heavy play with a character to get them to level 50 even without an XP modifier - that’s obviously not enough time to truly get “good” with a character and learn all their ins and outs and MU’s. Looking at a player and character card will tell you nothing about how good that player actually is.

Even before requalification I’d say KI’s progression was a bit messy. The S1 Ranked system probably tracked this better, but it was also stupidly punitive and largely not fun IMO, and manifested a skill gap to boot. In the current Ranked system, Killer is basically just a shorthand for people who probably win a bit more than they lose over a decently long time horizon, and it doesn’t really separate itself too much more than that.

I think that being a Pro Star holder is generally a good indicator that hey, this person is probably very good. There are greater or lesser exceptions to this though, as a Pro Star can be grinded out if you’re patient/determined enough, even if your W/L ratio does kind of suck. As to whether your friend is just that good? Perhaps he is. Perhaps good Gargos play is also throwing people off though? He’s not a character you see all that often, and he can be quite overwhelming if he manages to get his game started.

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I see, thanks for the info.

I feel like the biggest thing holding me back right now is my lack of matchup knowledge but the only real solution is to just play more.

I was kinda feeling like Killer would be equivalent to SFV’s silver. But I didn’t want to make that assumption in case I was wrong.

Good stuff. No idea how far I’ll make in Killer Instinct. Silver is as far as I’ve gotten in SFV, but that’s because I was gimping myself heavily by playing basically every character minus Dhalsim in ranked and not just sticking to a single character. I intend to change that now, but I’m not sure I can offer the same dedication to Killer Instinct so we’ll just have to see.

No problem sir. Hopefully you’re able to find a character you like and that clicks with you. You also may want to hit up some of the forum members around here if you’re ever looking for more challenging opponents. There are players at a variety of skill levels here, and you might have more fun playing people who are a bit more fundamentally sound than you seem to be finding in Ranked.

check the store. Spinal is a $1

Thanks for the heads up, I picked him up. Kinda like him. Having his regular be a divekick is a bit weird but he’s a cool dude.

And for those keeping track I just hit gold in ranked.


If i notice another character on sale i give you a heads up

Shouldn’t be hard. They’ve been having charactees on sale for $1 for a few weeks now, and it’ll probably keep going. They’ve already done Maya, Kan-Ra, Aganos, and maybe a couple of others.

I was going to recommed TJ Combo

I appreciate the thought, but I think I’ll be able to catch the sales myself.

And yeah TJ Combo seems kinda cool, was not expecting him to all RESURRECTION on me.

I do like how Eyedol’s powered up stomp is exactly the same animation and rhythm as Necalli’s ex stomp. He looks nuts.