SoCal Regionals 2015 (SCR2015)

Yo 26 people actually signed up. Anyone here going?

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I would LOVE to go, but I think for most people not going, is due to money, and the expenses for going.

I will be attending. I was surprised how small the tournament is.

I feel like its small for a couple factors mainly xbone exclusivity for now and great netcode.

When PC comes out, I hope it will increase the amount of people. :smile:

Win 2 matches and you’re in top 8. Win 4 and the tourney is yours. But yeah, thats a very low number but at the same time, it is a regional. Regional’s don’t usually draw that many people outside their immediate region.

There’s always on-location registration. The 26 could just to 50 in just a day.


Good stuff man! Had 7500+ people pulling for you on stream. You did great bud. Bass’ spinal is tough as nails.


Thank you!

I think I know what I did wrong in those matches. I’ll have to work on those.

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