So you guys did fix it then eh IG?

So If many read my post on fireballs and how they do reduced damage the longer they stay on-screen (aka they lost the bonus damage) and one could get that bonus damage back by doing actions such as jumping, dashing or whiffing jabs for example you would get that bonus damage back if it hit.

But IG seemed to have rectified that (either intentionally or not is unclear.) So now all fireballs regardless of where they are on screen now get the full bonus damage. Clever IG clever, I like it. Oh and you guys snuck in the fix for the bug with armor and projectiles.

Actually, you guys missed one with gargos’ minion izzik. He randomly does 9 damage at times, while other times deals 18 damage. Unless kan-ra’s sand tornado is special it also only deals half damage at varying ranges. 12 damage and 24 damage respectively.

One more, apparently orchids firecat instinct deals 10 damage. But only the first one, the rest deal 5 damage.


But I still am not sure about the wallsplat theory. Could you guys shed some light on that perhaps?

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Oh? They fixed it?

That’s good to hear.

Yes, so glacius and omen for example deal 16 damage per fireball they throw instead of 8 now at any range.