So... Wonder if we'll hear anything today

It’s the 25th. Stuff getting announced, though it’s said the mainstream media won’t post it till the 1st. Wonder if stuff will trickle out today.

The Devs and Rukizel already stated several times…you will not hear or see any info until Monday March 1st. If we do hear any info it will have been leaked from the Media that’s under NDA…so doubtful this will happen.

there might be a few nuggets of info leak out. one article stated that win 10 apps are gonna be usable on XB1.We all heard the rumors but it seems like we"ll see it sooner than expected.

Something may drop early but, as far as KI is concerned. We’ll most likely have to wait it out.

ya know the weird thing is microsoft has pretty much announced all the big stuff. I dont think they have has this much control of KI content since the game launched back in 2013. I personally think something is up. Seems to weird and out of place. The only explanation i can think of is that now arbiter is in the mix MS is now assuming a bigger role in its marketing. Even if thats the case it seems to me that announcements can be made and still promote the game. It just seems odd to wait for till the last possible moment. whats your thoughts?

Unless one of the media leaks stuff, it probably won’t be happening.

That was from a different event in Madrid AND was held before this other event we know about. Far as I know, nothing has been leaked about this event yet, no one’s reporting anything until the embargo is over on March 1st.

Still no leaks? :smiley:

I know its wrong, but i hope for some infos get leaked soon.

Guessing it’ll be Monday. Still seems a bit odd to me to have a big showcase, only to tell those coming from all over to cover it that they can’t actually talk about it for four days. Why four days? What’s magical about that number? Is it a fiscal calendar / stock type if deal?

I’m sure MS has their reasons. I guess I’m just more used to events where companies show the games and journalists report on them or live tweet them or whatever. Though to be fair, I never really knew much about the Spring showcase back when they did it before and I’m sure other events go this way that I don’t know much or anything about as well.

As a KI fan, I’m really hoping for some juicy news! As an Xbox One owner, I’m really hoping for, well yeah, news! Preferably of the juicy variety, though I’ll accept awesome, exciting or intriguing. :slightly_smiling:

Depends on your timezone. Tuesday is the 1st in the US, and according to someone the embargo is lifted at 9AM EST. If they publish anything after 12PM EST, it would technically count as a Wednesday release in my timezone. Just saying.
As for why, well its mainly to ensure the news outlets have time with the content and can prepare well-informed articles on the games for people who were out of the loop and to give PR and Marketing some time to assess the initial reaction and maybe adjust some things before release. At least that’s what I can think of.

Officially on Tuesday, March 1st is the confirmed tell all of yesterday’s stuffs.