So whos who?

hey guys ive put around 600 hours into the game and I`m only good with like 5 characters lol, with season 3 almost done I was wondering if there was ever going to be a tier list discussing which character is best depending on tourney wins. I know the devs said chars are all balanced but their all out in the wild and we the people have found tech and unbreakable and all that stuff now. making certain chars stronger than others (at least we kan admit that) Anyway who do you guys think is top tier or at least a strong tourney winning character and so forth? I think spinal is up there, along with jago and wulf, tusk not so much. anyway feedback welcome. :slight_smile:

There really isn’t a tier list in KI. Any character is as good as the player using them. On top of that the entire game just changed with S3 launch so it doesn’t matter about tournament history at this point. Basically, find your playstyle, and master that character. No 2 play alike.

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I think KI World Cup showed that literally every character is viable in the right hands (which is amazing) so yeah, I don’t really think there is a tier list for this game since everybody has the potential to be great.

Killer Instinct is basically in the same boat as Skullgirls, every character is viable and can win in the right hands.