So, Who da hell is this Ken guy and why everybody says that Eyedol wont appear cuz him?

Im new in da forum. Can somebody help me with that question?.

Happy Preorder day guys :slight_smile:

How do you not know who Ken Lobb is?? Google it

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If you’re talking about Ken Lobb, he’s the godfather of KI, and he hates Eyedol…literally. However, everyone is hoping that Eyedol will show up in this reboot, but the devs have a hard time with him design-wise.

Ken Lobb is KI.

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He used to work with Nintendo and Rare. He has stated before that Eyedol was one of his least favorite KI characters. I think he also said something along the lines that it would be really weird to have him in the game because of how terrible he looked. Don’t take that last sentence seriously. Am paraphrasing.

I really hope Eyedol is included. Ken is gonna have to deal w/it. it’s not the first time a game creator didnt like a character yet they became a fan favorite and therefore had to include them. Like Rain from Mortal Kombat. He was literally a joke (Purple Rain) by the MK creator Ed Boon, yet he’s become a staple in the franchise because fans (including myself) love him. So deal with it ken! BRING EYEDOL BACK!


Akira Toriyama didn’t really like Vegeta either, but some things work and some don’t. I don’t really see why we need Eyedol at this point.


To complete the roster. He’s literally the only person left. Plus he has a huge fan base. There’s actually more reason to include him at this point then exclude him

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To be honest, a small part of my wants Eyedol to come back. But at the same time, I’ll be okay with anything IG does; but if Eyedol does end up coming around, I’ll join the hype with everyone else XD

To include him for the sake of including him? I may not have nostalgic ties to the old game, but even if I did, I’m pretty sure this would be a bad idea. Can’t say for 100% sure, but call it a feeling.

At any rate, no one really likes Eyedol that much except for a few people, so you get a team of people who don’t like Eyedol, and try to force to work on something you know they are gonna hate, even if it is their job, and no matter what they do, it’s gonna come out bad.

The reason the season 3 characters coming and the season 2 characters out look as good as they do is because the artists who are tasked to bring these characters to life enjoy doing so to some extent. Amid all the play testing and refinement and other work, the final work they put out makes it all worthwhile because game development is like any other work of art. You gotta enjoy it to be good at it, and if you don’t enjoy it, it’s just going to look bad.

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I honestly don’t understand why ppl hate him so much. I personally thought he was a better last enemy than Gargos. He was a lot more intimidating, and left a stronger impression on me as a kid. There is no creature like him in the game, and leaves room for a fighting style we havent seen in the game yet. Plus they have creative license to tweak him a bit like they have other beloved characters. I feel like with the fantastic work theyve done so far, that ppl who presently don’t like Eyedol may come to love IGs new version of him

I really hope they include Eyedol. He has so much potential as a character, as he looks so cool and unique compared to the rest of the cast. There is literally no other character with two heads, and one eye on each head.

Additionally, from a fighting mechanics point of view, he could have a “Gen from Street Fighter Alpha” style, where depending on which head is in control of his body at any one time, his move set could change. Aside from Aria, no other character has an interchangeable move set either.

Finally, from the feedback from this forum and polls that we’ve seen, it does appear that approximately 60%-65% of the active forum users do want him back. Fingers crossed this is enough to persuade the develops to reconsider adding Eyedol to the game.

(He’s also my favourite character! :blush:)

Do you know Ed Boon?

Now think of Ken Lobb for KI. Get it? :wink:

Well, except Ed Boon is a massive twitter troll! XD
I do like Ed Boon, and I don’t take his twitter seriously at all, but alot of people feel aggravated with him.
Does Ken Lobb do the same? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m thinking if it could happen for Kim Wu how her fate was met with scathing torch protestors in 2014, and she’s now here -

It might happen for Eyedol.

I’d rather see him than Aganos or Rash. If they happened, Eyedol can have a moveset.

Nah Ed Boon is the king of trolls. But i like how Ken is kinda serious on what he does.

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I’m not on twitter alot, I just hear alot about people complaining about Ed Boon’s twitter on the MK forum I am on, so was just wondering how Ken Lobb was on his. So thanks for informing me. ^^

Speak for yourself.

(ftr, I’m largely indifferent, and a small part of me would like to see Eyedol happen if the devs can figure out a good way to handle him, but it’d be wrong to suggest that there is unanimous support for Eyedol in these parts.)

I always hated Eyedol. He had a cool design, but was firmly in that realm of old fighting game bosses who were just designed to steal your money :unamused: He was just a BS character through and through.

That said, I’d actually agree that he left more of an impression than Gargos. I’d like Eyedol to come to a KI S4 - but I’m not in any hurry to see him. He’s a being of equivalent power to Gargos, so I’d be a bit disappointed to see him get shoehorned into S3. Let Gargos have his moment, and then give Eyedol his in a sequel or new season or something.

I would rather not have him return or save him for the next KI. It would be cool if they make a Minotaur character instead or redesign him as such. Other wise they can come up with 2 new unique character with the features that he had instead of using them just on 1 character.