So who bought Shago and have not used him?

I bought him just because I wanted the complete cast, maybe to test and prepare against him. Aside from that, I have no interest in using him (I tend to not like Shotos). Who else purchased him and haven’t used him?

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That’s one of the reasons i haven’t bought him yet is the fact i might not use him much. The other being the price (i personally think he should cost less although many others would disagree)

I bought him to support the game, but he’s not really a character I use.


I’m in the same situation.

MY DEMON IS RAGING SO HARD RIGHT NOW you dont even know how much i love this character.

You = !know

I dream about connecting annihilation every night. I brush my teeth and gargle death metal shendoukoukens. People are worried about me. I havent seen sunlight. I have adopted the darkness. I eat in darkness. I bathe in darkness . I ■■■■ in darkness.


I am sort of happy I didn’t support Shago. I did buy him. I cry everytime I meet a Shago who just does these 4 things. Slide/cross up slide,divekick,dash grab,or fireballs all day.

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I bought him to support the game, but never had any real intention of using him. I tried him out for 5 minutes after he became a real boy, but that was it.


I played him a lot when he was just a Jago skin.
Now seeing how every shadow Jago online is a taunting tbagging jackass, I don’t play him for fear of becoming a jackass.

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If you don’t act like a jerk, who cares what other people say?


To be fair we ARE the badguy. Its a tradition that every shago main has to adhere to.

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Noice tech. Here i was learning footsies and playing him like a legit shouto. Are you telling me i should learn to stop worrying and go evil rollerskating?

But that’s literally his entire toolset minus dp. What do you expect shago to do?

He has Jago’s normals. He has some descent frame traps. Perhals low into overhead? People rarely do that. Forward Hk into dash back to fake a throw attempt and punish? Oh and when people do annihilation instead of shackles.

I’m with you on this one. I really don’t like that move because it discourages smart play in a sense.

Me. I bought him when I got the game in December and haven’t really used him, but I am sure to use him as my dummy in training mode just so I use him for at least something lol

I bought him twice! I love using him…but not as much as I thought I would. I liked Jago with Shago skin better. :slight_smile:

Hate everything about Shago.

Only bought him to support the game, and to learn the matchup.

(From a game-development point of view, there is not much that can be fixed about this, but the fact that fighting Shago comes down to 100% reactions is not a good thing. Playing online means you have about 4 frames less to react than if you were playing offline, and even good TVs usually have about 30ms delay, so when you add those together, playing offline with a monitor gives you 6 or 7 frames more time to react than playing online with a TV.)

Honestly, you cannot fight against Shago with just reactions. They are real left right mix-up. Learn the timing of the slide, you can cover both sides by block back then forward with good timing. otherwise, stay out of his “rape” zones and punish mistakes.

Long range he throws fireballs and can perform a safe slide.

medium range, he can divekick over projectiles or long range normals and get a full punish.

Close range he gets 6 way mixups. Divekick in front, divekick in back, slide, slide in back, throw, dash forward throw.

Everywhere is a “rape” zone. unless you make a hard read, or they make a huge mistake, you can not win the neutral game against him.