So which characters are not cheap?

Seriously just about every stream, chat, is filled with comments of “insert character” is cheap and/or brain dead.

Who are the non cheap characters because going by their logic every one in the KI cast is cheap! Damn dude.

When someone plays a character and cries about another being cheap, then obviously it’s because THEIR character isn’t cheap.

So, if you lose, it’s because the other character is cheap.

If you play a character and lose to cheap characters, it is because your character is not cheap.

Makes sense? Didn’t think so.
If you make yourself a list of GT’s of folks that are crying about how cheap every other character is though, you’ve likely crafted a list of 85% free wins.

EDIT: Moral of the story is that most stream chats are “ScrubQuotes: Autoscroll Edition”.


Pretty much (in their mindset) any character that doesn’t have complex movesets like Gargos and Kan-ra

Kanra and Gargos have also been called “cheap”

“not easy to use, but any NOOB can win with these characters”

Lol what!? All I hear it’s a bunch of chicks…

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No one, end of story.

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Currently Eyedol is the only cheap one.

Kim Wu, end of story. You have to work hard or die.

The great thing about KI is every character is equally cheap in their own way.
Wulf can do 50% combo’s with no meter, Glacius can combo you from full screen, Tusk can do 20% with a single hit, Fulgore can just teleport anywhere whenever he wants.

In short saying X character is Cheap is always technically true!

Usually I see it said for a character that can do the same move/setup over and over again and win.

Omen is the only one who is not cheap, since you have to buy all season 2 for getting him, instead a individual purchase

No, really, all character are fair. Eyedol its a bit broken currently, but they will fix him


No he can’t.

Yes he can.

It may not be practical, but it’s real. With a lockout or a counter-break (or an opponent that just doesn’t want to break), filling the KV with H AD’s and ending with damage ender will meterlessly net 51%.

If you don’t believe me, hit the lab:
st.HKxHP Claws>H AD (til KV fills)>Damage Ender

So, yeah. He can. Just not willy-nilly.

Any character in the game can fill the kv meter on a training dummy, use damage ender and get the same results. Nothing special to Wulf. A counter breaker or lockout does not give you enough time to get that amount of damage. I’ve been playing the character exclusively since the game’s release and am pretty damn good at maximizing my damage. I know what I’m talking about here. His damage got severely nerfed with season 3. So, unless your opponent is awfk, there is no way to get 50% meterless. Hardly qualifies as broken, as was implied. Show me video proving otherwise and I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong.

I’m not playing that game, fella. You stated that something was impossible, I’m just saying it is possible. I said it isn’t practical, which is to say it probably won’t happen in a match, but you implied it was impossible, which it most certainly is not. And, you’re correct, most characters can hit 50% meterless in wholly unrealistic situations. The situation being one-in-a-bajillion doesn’t make it a non-existant possibility though.

And, I don’t think @FulMetalSnorlax was implying that it’s broken, either. Cool your jets, buddy.

Shadow Jago, he is 10$.

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Who’s playing games? Someone makes a statement, I respond. It’s called a conversation.
My bad He used the word cheap, not broken. But my point still stands- there’s noting noteworthy about Wulf’s damage. Not anymore.
And now that I think about it, I don’t even think your perfect storm/training room scenario would give you 50%. I’m at work so I can’t test it though.

Wholly unrealistic training room scenario nets 51% meterless. I don’t make specific numerical claims without first labbing it. Feel free to double check it when you’re home, though.

Yeah, he used the word cheap, to make a facetious point in a largely facetious topic. I’m sorry your character got nerfed. No need to be so aggressive about it, though. Someone makes a statement, someone else responds, another person responds, yup, that’s a conversation. I like to include fact-checking in conversations. Just because something is unlikely or unrealistic doesn’t make it impossible, nor does it necessitate overly-defensive rudeness.

Wulf still out-damages Shago, Sadira, Fulgore, Omen, and several others, so that’s noteworthy.

To be fair, though, it’s not Wulf’s damage that makes him cheap. It’s wallsplat>dash thru & flipout>dash thru that make him cheap.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So yeah ------>“TECHNICALLY”<------- Wulf can do 51% meterless by mashing heavies on an opponent who has stepped away from his xbox to get a sandwich.

I stand corrected :slight_smile: Good day good sir.

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Guys, enough please, let’s stay civil and don’t argue. We are among friends


As an individual who mains Sadira, I’m always being accused of being “cheap”. In fact I had my record fast RQ today after only the first 10 seconds of the fight. Thank you kind sir… that was the fastest 50 points I’ve ever earned, please feel free to RQ on my for the next 30 matches. I must capitalize on maximizing my cheapness to become top 32.

Realistically speaking though, no character in KI is “cheap”. That isn’t to say that there are some characters, Rash, Gargos, Thunder, and… … … . . . . EYEDOL (especially Eyedol) that probably need a good tweaking so that they are not quite so over powered, but with the exception of Eyedol, it takes a LOT of work to get good even with these characters.

People scream that Rash is cheap. He may seem like it, but there is a HUGE difference between a person who just picked up Rash and is spamming Wrecking Ball, versus a player who performs hard to break complex combos.

Being a Sadira main, I get hate messages all the time (mostly from Shago players…sadly) and am thusly accused of being cheap. What they don’t realize is that all the dodging I do, baiting dps, combo set ups, cross ups, in air combos, web specific Instinct combos, jump cancelling… ect ect ect… has taken me nearly 3 years to master (and I’m still learning).

As I told my last messenger (who was using Spinal), there is nothing cheap about what I do.

And that goes for any character in the game. It will always take skill to maximize any specific character.