So when we too getting Tracer in Killer Instinct?

Some guy made a Tracer Overwatch Mod for Street Fighter 5 like seriously how can people be this good? Any chance of Orchid Tracer Mod for KI?

It’d be cool but with how sensitive KI is with files, I doubt it’d be possible otherwise I’m sure we’d have custom colors by now.

I’d be down with a Genji jago.

Isn’t it just a matter of grabbing the model from overwatch and sticking it in the game? Granted no one has succeeded in modding anything into ki yet, just taking stuff out.

That is not how anything works.

First of all, models aren’t compatible between engines, and OW was likely made on a different engine than KI. But even more than that, each model only has so many animations assocated with it, and whoever ported it to KI would not only have to rig it on to an existing character, but also change all the animations such that there was no clipping of the costume or other weird graphical bugs. They’d have to basically make it from scratch the same way KI currently does costumes and fix it for lighting, movement, and everything else.

And there’s a ton more you’d have to do, but that’s just the sky high overview. If you think that sounds easy, go open up Unreal or Unity and give it a shot, they’re free.

I’d want the real Orchid from KI 1 before a trend character

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When modders figure out how to edit the game files.

That’s really sick. None of the KI female characters are agile like Cammy so it wouldn’t look fitting for a Tracer skin to be in KI. Maya has the stiffest walk, Orchid depends on Battons to fight which is nothing like Tracer. I don’t really see her fitting in. It would be cool to see but really it fits as a Cammy skin the most.

Anyways, KI has no modders so pipdream.

That’s awesome. Lol

What happened to that foo that was modding Orchid anyways?

Haven’t heard from him in a while. He might be stressed, in crunch, or just generally too busy to do further work on it at the moment.

They got to him…

Sadira is raising her hand

That’s ok, I’m fine not having Tracer ruining Killer Instinct.



huh? what?

Tracer is currently the most liked female game character on the internet by the biggest game developer company known to man. Tracer ain’t ruining anything, she is loved anywhere she goes, ruining must be in your head.

Completely off topic, but I’d like to petition to rename fulgore’s instinct to “pipdream”

Where’d you pull those stats, out your ***? I know a ton of people who find her playstyle, backstory, design, personality, and voice annoying as hell, me included of course.


Tracer in KI? She’ll be like Wesker and ■■■■. When that happens, bye bye Cinder.

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And her derpy knock-off Pixar face too, right? I don’t get why human CG characters faces all have to look so little like actual human faces these days, nor why they always look permanently semi-surprised.

It’s a clean way to avoid the uncanny valley. Humans are pretty hardwired to notice the small inconsistencies that happen when you try to get a photorealistic 3D face, particularly for more nuanced expressions. Going the more cartoony route allows an animator to play around with an expressive face that isn’t close enough to “real” to trigger that unease that people feel when looking at a more realistic (but still not quite life-like) human face.