So when is Mira coming next week?

is she comie out next week

I imagine Thursday or Friday

They just said that they will be streaming her game play on Friday.

29Th guarntee it

Why even ask, we know it’ll be the literal last possible day they can drop her. Always assume characters will release on the last day of the month and be grateful if they don’t.


thx were you get that info

i was just asking jezz i been out of my town :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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it’s on the front page news of the website.

Will Ultra Edition owners get her earlier

It’s more like Ultra edition owners get her on release and the others have to wait I think a week.

Ok. Ugh at least I have dark souls 3 to tide the hype

Same here I just got it yesterday night it’ll definitely keep me busy a few more weeks.