So when are we getting more guardians?

I was just curious. It was kind of brought on by the fact that I never noticed they’re already shown in the game, on the pack wrappers:

So I guess we’re getting an Owl, a Cacodemon/Beholder, and a…what is that thing? The ghost squid boss from Super Metroid with an Omen mask on?


Not sure, I imagine we will hear something in mid October

Lets see if those new guardians are really helpful against godlike boss Gargos…:imp:

Wasn’t it @rukizzel whomentioned fighting with a beholder over his shoulder ages ago? So they are at least testing them…

I did not mention such a thing, but there will be more Guardians coming…soon.

Your favorite phrase ever - stay tuned.


Is the owl one the ‘Watcher’? When is that one coming…

as @rukizzel said “soooooooooooooon” :wink:

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