So whats the update on the KI Mods so far?

Have they had any success as yet?

Just so show you the incredible possibilities you all are aware of how capcom butchered Alex in SF5 right and the big uproar from the community? well some guy actually went ahead and created a mod that transforms te homeless SF5 alex into the golden 3rd strike Alex Model as if it was done by Udon Comics. AND he also made a Q costume for M Bison look how amazing the quality is.

Seriously can’t wait for KI mods to come around the community creates stuff a trillion times better than developers for some odd reason, Skyrim mods to name a few.

I thought we would have seen some mods by now but it may be a bit difficult as of yet
The only frustrating thing is you can’t use them if you don’t have a PC

Where are my nude mods? :smile_cat:

I think mods are still a ways off yet probably a couple of months at least. I know I couple of people that are working diligently to take apart the files which currently is a pretty lengthy process due to proprietary file formats and stuff like that. We’ve found some stuff digging through the files so far like Mira stuff but most is still encrypted. KI is different from SFV because that is on steam and all files are easily accessed. UWP is a little different.

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PaulB had a picture of unpacked files on Twitter, but deleted the post. I’d say another 2 months is a good estimate.

ftr, proprietary formats != encryption.

It really isn’t. Durante does little to unpack what UWP is (instead basically just adding fluff to the list of complaints about UWP that went around on Reddit), and it doesn’t appear that Microsoft has made any truly meaningful attempt to impede access by enthusiasts to UWP game assets. (Hiding some directories doesn’t count.) UWP is an attempt by MS to standardize a lot of aspects of app dev, deployment, access permissions, etc (you understand what a clusterfuck Win32 installation/uninstallation is, right?), as well as facilitate porting work between platforms (PC, Xbox, Surface etc.)

As to the topic at hand, I suspect it’s just a matter of whether/when the typical guys who blow games like SFV open are interested in digging into KI.

Alright, go right ahead and make something happen then. I’ll eagerly await the results.

Maybe @Beterthnyu can give us an update. He was working on a script to unpack the .pak files.

Ive gotten a lot of the files extracted. Its not too difficult. I need to clean it up a lot before its usable though. So everyone hang in there.

For now, because a few people have requested it, and I said I would upload it and I forgot… sorry about that. Here is a script setup that will convert all of KIs sounds from the encrypted .wem to the open .ogg, which any sound program can play or easily convert to mp3 or wav or whatever you would like them to be.

A lot of the .wems for the game are actually in the open in the source files of the program (sounds that play over ending videos and such).

Just extract that, and drop all of your .wems into the same folder. then run the “convert.bat” file. That will automatically convert all .wems in the folder to .ogg so that they are usable. I included the cookbooks that work for KI in there.

Have fun and stay tuned.

I mean, Spencer has already said that mod support would be coming in… May at the //build conference IIRC.

Shouldn’t be long now.

I wonder if costume mods will be able to be linked to the save file.

If it can, since save files are cross platform will there be modded characters on XBL?

I remember this was a thing in SCV. People ported their character saves from 360 to PC, modded it, then converted it back to 360.

Pardon for my potential ignorance in the subject.

typically in other games, the costume mods are not visible to other online players. So if you have Default costume, color 3, Head accessory 1, feet accessory 4, it is only this ‘metadata’ that is transmitted to the other person, not all the actual clothing files that a person is wearing. Generally mods are inserted over an existing slot, so your screen shows modded costumes but the opponent shows whatever is normal for that slot.

I am aware that mods are clientside. The first mod I am getting is ability to turn off stupid taunts.

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[spoiler] @FinchoMatic except we have an issue there is an arrogant mod on here mod as in moderator who is ignorant of PC Gaming who wants to shut down threads and ban accounts dealing with spreading the knowledge on how to mod KI.

This forum has to have the most ignorant moderators I have ever seen in my life, he came on a thread and said TOS states you cannot modify the game files so he cannot allow discussions on how to mod KI and scripts involved etc.

You would NEVER see an ignorant Moderator like this on Steam forums. This is the first I have seen an intelligent man try to shut down PC Gaming. And yes modding is what PC gaming is all about thats why I spend money on my PC I don’t support nonsense like paywall $50 USD to play online when its in reality FREE. [/spoiler]

Why is this rage even a thing or a surprise, Ive never heard of a first party website host in-depth tutorials on how to mod their games IF not explicitly supported. Street Fighter and MK sure as heck are only dissected way outside of steam, wbgames, and capcom unity.

People could be sharing tutorials on other forum sites but are wasting time arguing with a forum mod on here. Shouldn’t be a big deal

First of all, it sounds like you’re ridiculing the community manager, i.e. the guy who runs these forums. Good luck with that.

Secondly, the community manager is a Microsoft employee and is bound to uphold the ToS, Microsoft corporate policy, etc to the best of his abilities. Chances are Rukari had no choice but to step in at this point.

Finally, online play is not free of expense to the platform or the developers. Online play requires provision and upkeep of server infrastructure, network fees, on-call support personnel, software maintenance, etc. If you aren’t paying for the privilege of online play, then you are a freeloader.