So, We are getting a new multiplayer mode in July, right?

I know this may be slightly off topic but is there going to be a story mode for season 3 characters like there were for season 1 and 2, or will that be apart of shadow Lords?

So in other words, stay tuned? :wink:

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I’d love it if in the game some how all the players in a lobby all go into the game and each take on a scenario and fight. XBL party chats end up working like walky talkies to get intel on your allie’s status.

A robot/dino/man made of fire can dream!

you forgot those two words…

OOH, OOH, allow me, in my own special way…

…his 2 words are on the nerf club…


I’ll just leave this here then


Probably unlikely but when I recently played some Killer Instinct Gold and I really had some fun playing Team mode.

That’s where each player picks 2 to 11 fighters and when a single life bar if depleted the next character in line fights (and you can’t Ultra/Ultimate a player until they are on their last fighter).

Again, I have big doubts but who knows?

That was one of the best awesome unique things about KI gold.

Kim’s FireFlower Shuriken Death Ultimate.

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What I want to know is why we don’t have Shadow Lords already, it goes without saying that the mode is practically finished waiting for us to play it but the trailer says “later this season” implying it won’t be out until much later in the season. July is the final character if there’s no ninth bonus character so if shadow lords doesn’t come out now it won’t be available until the season is completed.

The reason that sounds fishy to me is because we were told Gargos was coming out early was because they wanted to do more with the story mode and its hard to do that if the boss isn’t in the game yet. But if the mode is held back to the end of the season there really wasn’t any point in releasing Gargos that early was there?

Unless Eyedol is the actual boss that is. >:3

That’s not necessarily true. For instance, if they wanted to have cutscenes where Gargos’s model is present, they’d need his model/animations to be finished. If Gargos was the last character, it would likely be released in late September/October, because it takes a while to get those shots compiled and tested to be ready for release.

I’m no programmer, cinematographer, or QA tester, but this seems the most plausible to me because of what Max has said on streams. He’s recounted how long it took to just get a 1min trailer done for General RAAM, and last year’s Story Mode and character trailers.