So, We are getting a new multiplayer mode in July, right?

Any speculation as to what it might be?

I wasn’t aware of this. I thought we were only getting Shadow Lords this month?


The launch trailer for Season 3 said we where getting a multiplayer mode in July.


Maybe matches with Shadow Lords items at stake?

That’s the problem, I haven’t heard of anything regarding multiplayer. Then again July has yet to start and the team has been working hard so maybe we will get news down the line.

Well, we didn’t know anything about Rash until he was put in a nearly finished form and given to us. And other than the “incident” that happened a few months ago, we had no word of RAAM until he was actually released. Maybe IG is just trying to surprise us again.


Shadow lab AI fights with KI gold bets…

nah no info

I thought I read somewhere that the multiplayer mode would pertain to Shadowlords in some way. If they’re actually calling it a “mode” and not just a multiplayer component for Shadowlords, then it makes me wonder how big it’ll be and what part it’d play.

Honestly though, I get the feeling that we’re a long way off from hearing anything about it.

It could be that the new mode is a multiplayer aspect of shadow lords, like using consumables and guardians against real fighters.
Then again, if Mortal Kombat X can call Kustom Kombat a new mode (just choosing your ‘test your luck’ modifiers) than it may not need much to qualify as a new mode.

This is what I was/am thinking.

At the same time though, the “new multiplayer mode” could be a real tournament mode.


I could see the new multiplayer mode being Shadow Lords but you have two other people with you and you each choose your fighter. That way you can assign who fights who and then the three of you can take on Gargos together. That would be fun.


I would be ok with a tournament mode as well.

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tag team or team battle would be awesome


Look at y’all chomping at the bit <3

You know more soon enough.


The keyword in that sentence is SOON, right? :wink:

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Yeah, such a mode would make me not buy a ps4 or new PC for kof14 and SFV.

I hope Soon means at EVO.

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Someone wake me when it happens

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Wake me up, when September ends.

Sorry, had to.

Thanks for letting us know we’re not all round the bend thinking about it. :smiley: