So... This Happened

So I was here on the Forums, just Derping Around, when i found a match in Killer Instinct…

And didnt notice.

I did not get to pick my character, so i got stuck with Fulgore.

I dont Play Fulgore.


This Happened:

Make Fulgore your new main. It is destiny.

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Well, that’s evolution for you. Your opponent has the brain the size of a peanut, whereas you have a super-computer-powered neural implant on your brain. :wink:

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Umm where are your teleport mix ups? Zoning mixups?

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Yeah, it’s as if he’d never played Fulgore before.


Bit of a one trick pony if you ask me…jump jump jump and shadow dp lol :wink:
Glad you got the victory mate!
Always nice to get an unexpected win :grin:

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And people say Fulgore isn’t the best character in the game.

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I recently beat boss Shadow Jago with Fullgore, so I agree he got some potential :sunglasses:

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Personally, I feel like you under-utilized the DP. There were 15 or 20 seconds of that match that you weren’t either in the process of doing, or recovering from just having dp’d… Clearly not using the character to its full potential.

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I picked fulgore. Not Thunder. I cant DP forever.

Then you clearly do not understand how to properly dp with Fulgore. The trick and a lot of people make this mistake , is to frantically wiggle the stick in the vague directions used for a DP while hitting several.buttons at once using the palm of your hand. I find that the harder you wiggle and slap the buttons, the more you dp.

Upon further testing, i have found this to be 100% factual.