So them guardians

Do you think we’ll get…

A cat. We already got the ram and snake (I would say phoenix but the watcher seems to be the owl already though so yeah.)

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The living mummies! I loved that show back at 1996!

1997 But yeah. I just had them on the mind then saw their animal depictions. I was like “just like the guardians.”

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they are all in KI right now. The firecat, the snake, the golem. Except for the bird like hawk i guess should be something like the eagle spirit in killer instinct.

Guardian wise? Only the snake, raam are in from the mummies.

Wow. This show. I love 90’s cartoons, lol! I’ve got to find the episodes of this show on YT and watch them all again.

Might Max.
The Adventures of T-Rex.
Swat Cats.

So many “bad” shows from that era that were just utterly amazing.

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The 90’s were some of the best cartoons. One of my favs as a kid. <3

If you haven’t seen Cyber six do yourself a favor and see it; it has a neat sci-fi plot, and beautiful animation that beat the crud out of every other kids show at the time. It only aired in Canada, (despite taking place in the US). It is all on youtube and it got it’s first DVD release in the US just over a year ago.

There are 13 episodes total, here are a few:

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Oh yeah cyber six. Good show too.

I’ll check it out no doubt.