So still no update on W10 for the fight sticks?

God damn. When will we get the update?

They already said it’s working in the redstone update for preview memebers so I guess just wait for that update.

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Just remap one button dont be sciurd

That still doesn’t work, even though you post it every single time this is brought up…

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But we want 8 buttons. Dont u get that?!

Why do you want to use 8 buttons tho? And yes it does work just got to rememeber to remap the buttons in game too.

Dont get why using 6 buttons is a issue thats all you need.

Some people like to use the 7-8 buttons to do a single press for all three punches or all three kicks. It’s unintuitive to me, but I guess it’s more consistent.

Anyway, we’ve had this discussion before. The issue isn’t that no one can play the game or that you can’t lifehack your way around it. The issue is that there should be a driver for the X1 fightsticks to work on Win10.


I dont get how naturally laying 3fingers on the punch or kick buttons is harder then sliding them over to the last twos and pressing them.

I think its your ocd of they all need to work is messing with you.

Your fingers should be naturally non the first 3 buttons push down :wink: watch what happens. Only person i know who actually uses all 3 p and 3 k is hk smash.

I know its a huge inconvenience but theres a solution for now. Use it stop being a baby

Personal preference my friend. I can use 3 fingers to do 3P or 3K, but sometimes i dont press them at the same time wich leads to fail some moves. I main Hisako and using Vengeance with just 1 button makes it easier and faster to react. Pressing just 1 button for the 3K or 3P is more accurate at least for me. Also i have 1 finger doing nothing with just 6 buttons.

So work on excution?

As i said sometimes i miss the 3 buttons at the same time. So yeah, sometimes work sometimes dont.

Or how about MS releases the drivers?

Stop trying to tell people how to game as if it has some relevance to the discussion. These drivers have been promised since before Win10 even launched.


Ive already done this. Still would like my product to work completely.

Actually yes it does… :confused:

It doesn’t. It works for certain people’s configurations, and if you download old MS drivers. It sure as hell doesn’t work for me.

I never seen someone who rolled back to the first drver not grt atleast 6 buttons working.

I dont get how you cant press 3 buttons at the same time its something i can do with out thought.

I get it all 8 buttons should work but why sit around ans not use your device. You could buy a brooks converter or even pad hack a hori fighting commander 4 into the fightstick and use ds4windows and all 8 buttons will work flawlessly

What fightstick do u have?

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I have a TE2. Well, I also have a SF IV TE for 360 that I am using on PC, as well as a pair of PS3 SF X Tekken sticks that I have hooked up to an Xbox One with Brooks adapters and a couple of Hori EX 2’s that I keep around for 4 player games on 360. I like fightsticks :smile:

I’m mostly just annoyed about the drivers in principle.

And i assume the one u say isnt working with that workaround is the TE2 right?!
I also have a TE2, and only a TE2 (not that collection u have :grin: )
And mine is working with 6 buttons and the old drivers. How ur doesnt work?

It doesn’t work because I’m not going to some random site and downloading old drivers.