So Perfect Guardian Secret Achievement is completely random?

Because I have every single achievement in the game, but this single one… and my ADD is about to kill me.

All Killer tier guardians are considered Perfect. Just play enough Shadow Lords to get a killer pack and you should get it

I’ve done this several times I feel and it has never unlocked.

That sounds like a bug. Report it in the bug thread

I hate to ask, but do you have any guardians that have all 5 different ones? From common to crimson? I kept one of each in my stack until one of them had all of them.

Again, I am not trying to be a jerk about it. I was just wondering.

Good question. Is that how you unlock it?

Yes. You need to have one guardian that has the different ranks. Common, rare, epic, killer, amd maybe crimson now. There were no crimson guardians when I unlocked it, so I don’t know if they are needed or not, but it would hurt to have that one too. That is why each guardian had 4 slots, but it was changed to 5 when the crimson came out.

Cool, thanks for telling me. Never knew that till now! Hopefully I can get the missing and nail the 100%

Good luck. I hope you get to join the 100% club with those of us who have done it.

So uh… any way to get a Crimson guardian? I’ve opened like 3 Killer packs since we last spoke, and I have 4 classes in each Guardian… but no Crimsons anywhere… .and no achievement.

I don’t know if you can get crimson guardians in normal packs. You might need to wait until you see a crimson pack for sale. They run 10,000 gems per pack, so set some gems aside so you can get a pack when you see them.

I feel bad that you are having such a hard time with this achievement.