So Mad Catz is dead

Can’t say I’m heartbroken as their products always used to crap out every time I owned one, like back in Halo CE when my thumbstick broke OFF during a game at a friend’s house. I guess their quality had improved over the years since then but the damage was done, never again would I buy their shoddy merchandise.

what an odd company that was.

Making 3rd party controllers that were less quality than the regular ones? How did that ever catch on?

I guess if you needed 4+ controllers QUICK, CHEAP, and NOT for a long time, they were a good idea.

IDK why people are still doing it. Why did madcatz fail, but other bad controller companies didnt?

The mysteries of life…


Really? Cause I own two fightsticks made by them, and I like them both.

However, I do know they used to make terrible quality controllers for game consoles back in the day, which I never would pick up in a thousand years. I kinda figured they were doing well though after they started making fightsticks.

I know it seems like asking a dumb question over and over, but it’s more like I’m trying to overcome disbelief. Are they really gone now?

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They filed for bankruptcy after being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

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Damage control

It’s weird, regular controllers and accessories from them were terrible, but fightsticks front them were top of the line and the most popular. I guess whoever worked at madcatz really liked fighting games.

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Are they really gone?

Rock band 4 caused all of this.

That line of fighting game pads they did back with street fighter 4 and then a couple of other games after that, were really really good quality. I still use those controllers to fight with because they were just right, kind of like a mix between the nice meaty 3 button genesis controller with the 6 button genesis controller layout hehe. Oh and the dpad was very nice indeed. But i mean in a world where i blow 150 bucks on an elite controller only to have the crap dpad die on me in 4 months of barely using it only to find out that the controller had only 90 days of warranty it makes you wish companies like this didn’t fail. I guess hyperkin is the new mad catz since i scooped up their nice little x91 retro controller for the xbox one. It’s pretty sweet for $30.

Yeah I’m just judging my response based on the crappy work they used to do, to me the name “Mad Catz” was that of a cheap, inferior product and I never gave them the chance to disappoint me again.

Its really cool that they made some good fight sticks though, I used to get confused when people would praise them but honestly everything else they made was pure garbage.

Sucks to see any old company go under like that though, also I hear they own the rights to Gameshark so its a shame that dies with them too.

I haven’t read the press release. Are they closing the company or are they “restructuring” under bankruptcy. There are ways a bankrupt company can actually continue to exist and make products…

From what I have heard, its being liquidated.

I guess now we’ll never figure out what that haptic button does on the KI TE2 sticks…
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I feel for anyone employed by them who are going to be out of a job but for the company itself meh. I never bought one of their sticks (I play pad) but when I was a kid growing up I would get some of their products like pad controllers and stuff and they were always hot garbage hence why I stopped getting them lol

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Of course…

I sent them an email, asking them for support on a RB4 legacy adapter and I may not hear a reply now…

You’re probably mostly right… although I’m sure there are other factors.

I will say one thing in their favor. My experience with their customer service was outstanding. I had a mouse chew clean through my fightstick’s cable. I sent them a pic and told them what was going on so I could see about getting it replaced, and they just shipped me a spare…didn’t even charge for it. And I had priced the cables out in the wild for around $20, so yay for them.


Never a fan until TE2 came out. Still respected how they supported the scene.

My KI TE2 missed one cable after I bought it and MC Japan replaced it the same day. No hassle, nothing. Great service…at least here.

On the plus side at least we still have Hori :slight_smile: