So let's speculate on 3.6

It would be nice if my Shadow lords worked. Still crashes every time.

@BlitzedKraig @TotalJimkata Any news on the Shadow lords crash bug?

I know it’s a stretch but I think they will unveil ultimates.

Don’t give him any ideas now…

Man, that sucks. I know you have a ton invested in your Shadow, but have they suggested you delete it to start again? I can’t remember if that just doesn’t work or if you don’t want to lose your shadow.

Anyone know what this could mean?

It just means they got Verified on Twitter. Blue Checkmark means Verified. Nothing too crazy yet.


I hope the other terror skins look good because Mira’s terror skin looks awful and fulgore’s terror skin looks lame. Also has anyone else had a problem with shadow lords lately, by that I mean after I win a match a treasure chest and even a skeleton key chest appear as usual but once the results are in I find out I get no rewards after the match what’s up with that? I hope that this problem gets fixed soon.

I’m hoping that the terror skins for jago and glacius will be amazing!

No my shadow is finally back working again. I did have to delete it though. But its been back up and running since Eyedol patch, no issues. James G has taken good care of me as well since I was without for 3 months. But now its SHADOW LORDS… so glad I unlocked the Astral plane before this most recent patch with the bug.

Oh, I misinterpreted. Glad to hear about your shadow being back.

I had an issue with SL crashing too after the patch. I solved it by starting a new campaign after the update and it seemed to take care of it.

I tried that after I read your post…it worked all the way up to the point of after i picked a new team and everything, it went tot he war room to choose the first mission, ect…and crash.

Before that on my old continue file it would crash from the get go on the first pop up about Shadows and quests.

Im sure James and co will get me fixed up soon.