So let's speculate on 3.6


We’ve been listening for the last 3 awesome years…
Please put an end on the lack of finishing moves.

Ultimates were what we crave most. :stuck_out_tongue:


What I think would be cool (but I doubt it) is Ultimates for 3.6 but again that’s big considering we have December around the corner right noe.I’d love to see that.

They said (not everything can accomplished) while I’m hopeful for Ultimates I can only cross my fingers and hope they actually pull it off! it was stated once in a poll for season4, so if they do make it for season4 I’ll have something to look forward to for sure if not in 3.6

3.6 may just be the devs messing with the combo breaker system and putting in the nerf hammer on Omen and Cinder.

Excuse what’s this “we” stuff?

@rukizzel How big is the 3.6 update? Is it the biggest we’ve ever had? Or is it a “big” update as in balance changes? Or is it just another small tweak?

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This is all I want for 3.6


I’m not expecting anything major for 3.6 outside of the potential change to Potential Damage, but there is the potential for more goodies. (End Me)

Seriously though I’m not expecting anything outside of some bug fixes, balance tweaks (potentially tweaks for unlocks rather than just gameplay) the Terror skins, and the last few Guardians.

I mean, if we get something huge like Ultimates or a New Stage or two it will be the best thing ever, but I’m setting my expectations low.

I crave…in my opinion an actual full cinematic story mode for season 3 if not then a story for the whole game

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For the record, I think the skins are actually going to come long before 3.6. I think they will be “hotfix” released into the game because they will arrive in December and I doubt we will see 3.6 so soon.

I definitely expect more SL content. We will almost certainly see the new Breaker white life mechanic Keits polled us about. It’s tough to argue that they could be so dense as to not realize their phrasing was trolling the release of ultimates, but I’m not entirely sure we will see these in 3.6. That would be a HUGE surprise.

[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:24, topic:16457, full:true”]

Excuse what’s this “we” stuff?
[/quote]Check the poll statistics. lol
What the community wants?

Ultimates are a waste of resources. This KI is not fundamentally built on long animated sequences but on real time events like ultra combos. Stages maybe accessories is what we need.


Did you just contradict yourself with in the same sentence?


Just grab my point and ignore grammar ,wordings etc

I still don’t get it…

Case in point , Shadow Jago, his ultimate is like 10 seconds long, while say, ARIA, the stage ultra on her stage is like 16 seconds long.

So what is the difference between these 2 things?

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6 seconds :grinning:


The Announcer is a really good idea imo[quote=“VerminatorX, post:20, topic:16457, full:true”]
I would like to have Gargos announcer and lower the grind amount for skins


While i like how good the current anouncers are a Gargos announcer and an Eyedol announcer would be awesome. I like the skins despite the prices as some others have mentioned but I’m glad to see this game is getting some content!

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Why almost nobody mentions the S2 and shadow lords narrator as announcer?

Gargos, Kan-Ra, Eyedol, TJ, Cinder.

Also give them(and Aria) unique lines.

And put Sabrewulf/Riptor/Aganos as LOL announcer. They don’t speak, just make their noises XD


The announcer sounds like a 60s twilight zone narrator